Yay! The Spoolettes Are Coming To Yorkshire

A wonderful opportunity for Yorkshire crafters/bloggers to meet up! And guess what…I’m going along! Are you coming too?


I’m not sure how this is going to go, if it’s gonna be a breeze or lots of sleepless nights – I’m organising a meet-up in Dewsbury on Wednesday 8th April. All the other meet-ups look amazing fun but miles away from me so I thought “why not have one nearby so I can go”!?

I’ve been in touch with Clare over atSewdixie Louso all us Northern Sewers can join the Spoolettes! If you’ve not heard of the Spoolettes then click on the link. They have lots of fun and we can too!

So where & when are we meeting……

#yorkshirespoolettes 27

Why Dewsbury?

What’s it got to offer…..

Dewsbury is market town which also has 2 amazing fabric shops. Market Days are Wednesdays and Saturdays hence the meet up on a Wednesday. For those who have a proper job and don’t work shifts like me, if this works…

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