15 Lists for 2015

Recently I posted my 23 Before 23 Review, and I did promise you that I would share how I have set my goals for 2015. This year I chose a different method for coming up with my goals for the year. For the last two years I have used my birthday in December to mark the start and end of my yearly challenge, with my 22 before 22 and 23 before 23. I do love this way of setting goals, and having a birthday in December helps since it pretty much runs on a calendar year anyway! However, last year was so chaotic that I found my 23 before 23 challenge was neglected, and it didn’t really work for me when I had so much else going on.

Being someone who lives their life by lists (goals, to do lists, shopping lists…) when 2015 was approaching I once again turned my thoughts how I was going to measure my annual aims and achievements. While I do love the ‘x before x’ idea, having a set number of goals in a very specific time frame (i.e. from one birthday to the next) ended up feeling like a competition against myself to get them finished, and in the final few months/weeks before the deadline I seemed to try and race through as many as possible just to get them crossed off the list, rather than doing them for fun, which is obviously the idea in the first place! 2015 is definitely going to be far less chaotic for me, so it would probably have proved a successful year had I done a 24 before 24 challenge, but I have decided to do something a bit different instead.

The main thing I wanted to achieve in 2015 was to have fun. This is the first year in my life since I was 4 that I won’t be studying, therefore the first year I will have free time outside of work! Which is still a pretty strange feeling! Plus, it is the first time that me and James have had enough money to be able to afford to do things like holidays and days out, which we couldn’t afford as students (although we are still working very hard to save money for a house…I promise!) So when I came to setting goals for 2015 I made James sit down with me and we drew up our lists together. The aim of the lists wasn’t to choose things that we knew or thought were achievable, but to pick things we would like to do if there were no time and money restrictions. The goal throughout the year isn’t to race through the list crossing off as many as we can, but to give us inspiration for the next film to watch, book to read or place to visit. At the end of the year we won’t be tallying up  how many we have succeeded in crossing off, but reflecting on how many wonderful things we have experienced in the year. Hopefully this method will take out the ‘must do’ element, and simply be something we refer to when we are looking for something to fill an evening or a weekend!

When choosing the topics for the lists, we chose some of the lists together, and some of them separately. Originally we chose 11 lists, and then added a ’15 movies to watch – part 2′ as we were racing through the first part. We still have space for 3 lists, but we aren’t in any rush to add any more until we know exactly what we want to add. So far we are making good progress with most of our lists, some of them are easier to complete than others, but for now we are just having fun crossing the odd thing off now and then.

Here are the lists we have come up with so far:

1. 15 Movies to watch

2. 15 Books to read

3. 15 Places we want to go

4. 15 Things we want to achieve

5. 15 Skills you want to learn

6. Hannah’s Wishlist

7. James’s Wishlist

8. 15 Pinterest projects to complete

9. 15 Craft projects to complete

10. 15 Sweet recipes to try

11. 15 Savory recipes to try

12. 15 Movies to watch (part 2)

13. ?

14. ?

15. ?

So far I think we have been able to cross at least one thing off each list except the recipe ones…we need to get baking/cooking! But we aren’t keeping count of what we have crossed off at the moment.

Do you have any ideas for our last three lists? What lists would you have for 2015?


15 thoughts on “15 Lists for 2015

  1. Thimberlina says:

    I like lists, but now have them on the ipad/iphone, but it’s not the same as ticking them off on paper. Do you have proper written lists?
    What about make 15 new friends for one of your lists?

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Oh yes I’m still a paper person! My boyfriend has them stored on his phone but I like my handwritten list 🙂 Ooh that’s a good one! Everyone is having great ideas for the remaining lists!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Hello! Yes I’m doing the Popsugar one too 🙂 but some of the books I want to read this year don’t fit the Popsugar criteria so they ended up on my ’15 books’ instead 🙂

  2. loobyloucreations says:

    How about 15 new TV series, so TV series you may have wanted to watch and not gotten round too? Amazon prime free trial is great it has 24, mad men, buffy, angel loads of stuff and one show they have coming is outlander and I love that series

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Ooh that’s a good idea! I really don’t watch any TV at all so maybe this would be a good one! We’ve just subscribed to Netflix so it would put that to good use! I’m currently hooked on Pretty Little Liars so that could be number one on the list 😉

  3. Ginny says:

    Your list this year is wonderful as it is even if you don’t fill in the last few. You will have fun with all of them and you will have many crossed off before you know it. This list definitely won’t feel like a chore list or have to do list.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Oh I definitely will! Although a lot of people have left comments giving me some great ideas! It’s great inspiration for a rainy afternoon when we are looking for something to do!

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