March 2015 Goals

Writing my 23 Before 23 Review last week has got me motivated to set some goals for myself. I’m the kind of person who works much better if I have a deadline and I am super productive if I set myself a challenge. I have set myself some long term goals to achieve this year which I will blog about shortly, but I have also decided to set myself some shorter monthly goals too. These monthly goals will sometimes be ones that help the general progress towards my long term goals, or will otherwise just be shorter goals or jobs that I want to complete before the end of the month. I have tried to pick a range of goals from different areas of my life such as crafts, reading, fitness and blogging, to help inspire me to achieve everything that I want to achieve by breaking it down to regular milestones each month.


Once Upon A Time Sampler – So far I have been making good progress with my sampler and keeping up with each month well. This month I want to stay on track and complete the design, I also want to add the bottom row of 4 frames which I am still yet to add. So far I have stitched the first 8 frames, so if I can add the last of the frames this month, it only leaves me the banner at the top to complete at a later date ,then I am definitely on track to complete each design per month! If I can keep up with my plans, this will be the first year that I don’t have to play catch up…fingers crossed anyway!

Once Upon A Time Sampler

Barcelona Sunset – February was a good month for this project! I have been working on a ‘2 month’ basis for each quarter of the project, meaning that I had given myself February and March to get to the half way point. Luckily though, the quarter that I chose to do featured a lot of the sky, and as this feature large blocks of the same colour, as well as some blank areas, it stitched up a lot quicker than expected. This meant that I flew through this quarter in only one month! I was thrilled to watch the progress but the project is starting to take its toll now. I’m struggling to find the motivation to press on with this project, and as the remaining half features a lot of colourful areas that will require a lot of colour changes I know that progress will be slow. However, I don’t want it to go on the back burner since I am working to such a tight deadline, so this month I just want to complete half of the next section to feel satisfied.

Barcelona Sunset

Cut Thru’ Caravan – This project does sadly seem to be getting neglected. It isn’t a high priority yet because I need to complete the Barcelona project sooner, but I do still want to chip away at it when I can. Last month I made a start on the cupboard doors, which I was hoping to finish before February was out but I just didn’t manage it. I want to complete the cupboard door this month, as well as some more of the design to the left of them, including the window. Hopefully I’ll find time to work through it!

Cut Thru' Caravan


Youtube Videos – When I returned to blogging recently, I tiptoed back to my Youtube channel out of curiosity. This was even more neglected than my poor blog! However, I was hugely surprised to see how many views I had received and how many comments there were asking for more videos! My Youtube channel was still very much a new venture and not very well established, but as people are clearly enjoying it and asking for more I want to dip my toe in once again and see how things go! My aim this month is to make a Youtube video once a week as a starting point. This will allow me to see what the reception is like and how realistic this goal is to continue going forward. Please do give me your feedback when I upload videos, it would be greatly appreciated!


Juicing – My colleague recently bought the Liz Earle Juice: The Ultimate Guide to Juicing for Health, Beauty and Wellbeing and has started making some homemade juice to bring into work. I was really intrigued by the idea so she showed me some of the recipes and they all looked so good! I’m going to do a more detailed post about juicing when I have properly given it a go, but my goal for this month is to cut out my snacking at work by replacing them with homemade juices. Not only are the juices super healthy, but I am also hoping they will curb my cravings for snacks and sweet things while I’m working by filling me up. I want to trail run it this month to see which recipes I like best and how well it works at replacing snacking.

Liz Earle Juice

Running – I have really got out of the habit of exercising and I need to get back into it quick! When I first moved house I was working full time for the first time so I was tired after work, plus I was still writing my dissertation so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about exercising. Now that I am into a regular routine with work now and I have finished my studies I really need to get back into a regular fitness routine. Running is about a million miles from my favourite physical activity, but it doesn’t require any specialist equipment or a gym membership so it is probably the best place to start! To begin with for March I just want to get into the habit of going running once a week. I know that this little activity isn’t going to make a huge difference, but I will be doing other activities too. Plus, since it isn’t a favourite of mine it is a pretty realistic compromise. If I commit myself to running 3 times a week that will go out the window straight away! Once a week should be enough to get myself into a routine, which is what I need. When I’m in a routine I stick to it hard and fast, but changing my routine to incorporate new things is difficult for me to begin with. Once I get into the routine I’m hoping that I can build up my overall fitness levels to gradually commit to longer runs and more frequent runs over time.

Exercise DVDs – As well as running, I’m going to try and commit to doing 2 exercise DVDs per week. I feel a lot more comfortable being able to  exercise in my own home with the curtains closed! Overall I would really like to do 3 DVDs per week but, as with running, I don’t want to commit to too much too soon then give up after the first week! But combined with the running and the pole dancing class that I already do once a week, hopefully this will be a good place to make a start!


Reading Challenge – For those of you who read my 2015 Reading Challenge post on Monday, you will know what this is all about. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll let you pop over and catch up on what it involves. I’m quite happy steadily plodding away with my reading, but to keep the progress going I would like to read two books towards it this month. I am still part way through David Suchet’s autobiography, which will count as one when I finish it, so I’m sure reading a second one will be easily achievable, even with all of the above going on!

Poirot and Me - David Suchet

Do you set yourself goals every month? What do you want to achieve by the end of March?


9 thoughts on “March 2015 Goals

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha I like to keep myself busy! I generally try to have a good attitude towards challenging and improving myself, but unless I can measure something such as crossing items off a list I find it really hard to stay motivated. I wish I could do it your way but unfortunately it just doesn’t work for me!

  1. Ginny says:

    I wish you all the best in completing your goals. Your stitchings are looking fabulous! Love the Once Upon A Time sampler. The colors are lovely.

  2. Debbie says:

    I had to have a lie down after reading your blog….where do you get your energy from? The samplers are beautiful xx

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha I honestly have no idea! Although I’m rubbish at not doing anything, I can’t just sit and watch TV, I need to feel like I am achieving something with every waking minute! I also begrudge sleeping…I would get so much more done if I didn’t need to sleep 😉 xx

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