2015 Cross Stitch Projects

Hello! One of the reasons for my recent break in blogging is because I have been spending so much time crafting! Last year I found it had got to the point that I was spending a lot of time writing about what I wanted to make, but not a lot of time actually making ย things! So I promise that I did put my time off to good use! I have a tonne of projects that I want to share with you! But for now I will just focus on my cross stitch projects, as that is what most of my time has been dedicated to recently.

Before I show you the projects that I have got planned for this year, I just wanted to show you what stitching I did towards the end of 2014. The first project that I finished was my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Once Upon A Time Sampler.

I’m such a sucker for their wonderful designs and this one is probably my favourite so far! I think the border is stunning and was such a pleasure to stitch, and each month I looked forward to seeing which fairytale would be the next one! I did have to play catch up a little bit after missing a few months after I moved house, but I did manage to finish the sampler on time by mid-December and I was so pleased! I’m absolutely thrilled with the finished piece!

Once Upon A Time Sampler

As well as finishing my sampler, I even managed to squeeze in a small stitching project for over Christmas! I have a small box of little kits, such as freebies from magazines and gifts that people have bought me, which I keep in my drawer at work and call my ’emergency cross stitch kits’. I cross stitch on my lunch break so this is there in case I ever finish a project or forget to take it with me one day, hence the ’emergency!’ Anyway, as I had a couple of weeks of 2014 left, I decided to finish it off by completing one of my small kits that I had stashed away. I bought this little Liberty of London kit from eBay after seeing it at the store then kicking myself for not buying it! I’d been eyeing up for quite some time so I was pleased that I had a little bit of time to work on it, and it was nice and portable to take with me when we went visiting over Christmas! It made a nice change to be able to finish a project so quickly, and my Secret Santa from work must have know exactly what I would be working on, because they bought me this beautiful frame that was just perfect to put it in when I had completed it!


After feeling very pleased with the projects that I had completed towards the end of 2014, I set my sights high for 2015! The first project that I committed to was the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Storytime Sampler (I told you I’m a sucker for them!) This years sampler is gorgeous as always, but it is absolutely perfect for me as it combines my two favourite things – literature and stitching! This years sampler features famous characters from classic literature, so there was never any question that I was going to take part! I think it may have even trumped the fairytale sampler as my favourite! 2015 kicked off with Alice in Wonderland for January, and Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden for February. Each of the characters is framed in their own individual frame which is beautiful and unique, with an iconic symbol from their story featured at the top. The frames on this sampler are smaller than previous samplers, which I think works really well as they are much quicker to stitch, allowing more time throughout the rest of the month to work on other projects. I’m already eagerly awaiting the March design!


As well as my Storytime Sampler, I am also working on a surprise 50th birthday present for my mum. It is her birthday in September, and I am really challenging myself with possibly the biggest design I have ever stitched! I picked out a colourful design of a sunset in Barcelona featuring many the iconic Gaudi architecture by designer Maria Diaz. A few years ago the four of us went on a family holiday to Barcelona and it was lovely. We had a great holiday and with a landmark birthday coming up I thought this would be a great design to use. Even though the project is so big I still seem to be flying through it! Right now I am almost half way through the cross stitching, and by the end of this month I should only have another half to go and the backstitch. I think the wonderful colour palette helps to keep me motivated and stitching because it is such a pleasure to see the vivid colours coming together to form the landscape. I’m still very conscious that I am working to a VERY tight deadline, but at the moment it is still a fun project rather a lot of pressure!

Barcelona Sunset

My third 2015 project is probably very likely to put me under a lot of pressure though! This year I seem to have opted for quite a few big projects – there is nothing like a challenge! This project is also a gift that I have been meaning to complete for ages now! I bought the Bothy Threads Cut Thru’ Caravan kit a couple of years ago now, with the intention of completing it for my Grandparents who were avid caravaners. Unfortunately it got put on a back burner, then last year I lost my Grandpa and my Grandma had to sell the caravan. I still want to complete the project for her, but last Christmas would have been too soon. I am aiming to complete the cross stitch for this Christmas, but I have hardly made a start on it so far and if I complete my Mum’s cross stitch by September, it doesn’t give me long to work on it for Christmas! If that doesn’t quite go to plan though, my Grandma’s birthday is in January, so maybe I can buy myself a couple of weeks?

Cut Thru' Caravan

I’d love to get it finished for her though and give it to her to remind her of the caravan holidays that she and my Grandpa shared, and hopefully with a long enough gap so that it doesn’t upset her.

Cut Thru' Caravan Progress

If, by some miracle, I manage to get ALL of that stitching done, I have picked out one final small kit from my ’emergency’ stash. I’m really trying to work through the kits that I have as my stash is rapidly growing out of control! I think every once in a while a small project offers a nice break if your long projects are starting to draw on, and it gives you the satisfaction of finishing a project, spurring you on to make some progress with your big project when you return to it. As I have chosen to tackle a couple of big projects this year, I thought a smaller reserve project may be beneficial to have in reserve in case I feel in need of it! When I first started stitching, several years ago now, I picked up this cute pink cupcake kit from Hobbycraft. They were at the counter to raise money for charity and, being pink AND a cupcake, it seemed perfect and it was for a great cause. I picked one up but it got filed in my stash and has been sat there ever since. I’ve been debating pulling this one out for a while, so I have chosen it as my next ’emergency kit’ for when I need a break from my larger projects, but if I don’t get to the stage of needing it, I am hoping to squeeze it in at the end of the year as I managed to with my Liberty kit!


Which of my 2015 projects is your favourite?

What are you stitching at the moment? I’d love to hear about your 2015 projects!


21 thoughts on “2015 Cross Stitch Projects

  1. gladeridercrafts says:

    Wow, that’s organised of you! I don’t plan all my projects out at the beginning of the year, beyond what I’m working on for my rota ๐Ÿ™‚ I just love that rainbow frame! How serendipitous that it fits the liberty cross stitch!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha this is the first time that I have! It isn’t a regular thing…trust me! I’m hoping that it will help me stay motivated though otherwise I am a serial ‘start something then never finish it’ kind of person! If I set my goals early I’m hoping I’ll achieve them! It helps that there are some presents this year too because that really gives me a deadline to work to which means I’m pushing my self to get more done than I usually do! Yes the frame was perfect!

  2. eadouglas says:

    I have that Liberty stitch too! It was such a shock seeing it in someone else’s pictures – but it is a kit. Hahaha. I love Liberty!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m working on the Storytime Sampler as well. I’m behind on the OUAT sampler, but I plan on doing the missing months when they come up this year so that I’ll have them both finished.

  4. Ginny says:

    All of your projects are great! Your stitching is coming along beautifully on all of them. I think my favorite is the Storytime Sampler. I really like the soft colors in it and will enjoy watching your progress on it through the year. I do hope that you can get the Caravan finished for your Grandma. I remember when you first posted this a few years ago and thought it was a cute piece. I think it’s great that you have all of your projects planned out. Unlike me who has tons of things floating around in my head and wanting to finish up things that have been started. I am itching to start something new though, as always.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m loving doing all of the right now and I think working to a deadline is helping to keep me really motivated! I rarely plan out my projects and this is the first year that I have got them all planned out but it really seems to be helping me focus because usually I am a serial ‘pick-something-up-then-put-it-down-and-start-something-else’ kind of person! So far I haven’t felt the urge to start anything else and having a few projects on the go allows me to switch between the projects when I need a break from one. I’m really working hard to finish the project for my Grandma, it would mean a lot to both of us ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. loobyloucreations says:

    I love seeing your cross stitch and all your projects ๐Ÿ™‚ they are so bright and fun! I can not wait to see your finished projects

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