My 23rd Birthday

Wow, my break from blogging really did last longer than I expected! Apologies for going AWOL for a few months, 2014 was a HUGE year for me – moving out of my family home for the first time into a house with James, starting a graduate job, finishing my masters dissertation – just to name a few! Because I had so much going on it has taken a few months to get into a regular routine around working different shifts and arranging a housework pattern, as well as fitting in hobbies and voluntary work. I am hoping that I have managed to strike a balance which is now going to allow me to get back into a blogging routine! I’ve got so many things to share with you since I’ve been away, starting with my 23rd birthday presents ( I’m only two months late, I don’t think that is too bad!)

My 23rd birthday was back in December and I really wanted to share my presents with you but…well, you know what December is like! The run up to Christmas got really chaotic and I never got round to sharing my presents with you but hey, better late than never!

Anyway, to kick it off, here are my crafty presents from James! I picked my first present as I had been eyeing up this adorable Disney cross stitch for a while. After visiting Orlando in 2013 and Disneyland Paris in November I was hooked on anything Disney-related, so what can get better than Disney-related crafts! I really wanted to get a large Disney cross-stitch, ideally of the castle, so when I saw this one of Mickey and Walt Disney I knew it was perfect. The pastel colours are really pretty and I love the level of detail in the design. I can’t wait to start it but I have quite a lot of projects keeping me busy this year! (More on that in a future post…)

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Another crafty gift from James! He picked out a sewing kit for me from Liberty when he was recently in London with work (he is well trained!) He bought me this patchwork cushion kit which I couldn’t wait to make a start on – I’d sewn it together before I even got a photo of it in the packet! It is a simple 9 square design with an envelope close at the back. James picked the kit with lovely blue fabrics in it to match our sofa – I couldn’t have picked better myself

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James also chose one of the craft books from my Amazon wishlist. I often direct him there when my birthday and Christmas is coming up as if I ever encounter anything that takes my eye I pop it on there to come back to at a later date (although the list is getting dangerously long!) I love the craft books by Debbie Shore, I already owned Half Yard Heaven: Easy Sewing Projects Using Left-Over Pieces of Fabric and Sew Bunting: Simple and Stunning Garlands to Style Your Home so when I opened this one I was thrilled! Being an organisation freak I was so excited when I was looking through the projects in Sew Useful: Simple Storage Solutions for the Home as there are loads of great ideas for storing those obscure bits and pieces around the house that never seem to find a home! I’m looking forward to making a bag to store my wrapping supplies such as rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons and gift tags!

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My favourite project in the book has to be these adorable hoop baskets made using an embroidery hoop. James really must know me well as he picked this project out of the whole book and bought me the supplies needed to make it for Christmas! Long before I picked out this project as my favourite! I’m not sure what I would store in these little baskets yet but I’m eager to make one and find the perfect home for it!

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James did a great job choosing some crafty gifts that I love (there was also a box of chocolates too but they disappeared quicker than I could get a photo…) and I was also lucky enough to get some gorgeous presents from the rest of my family! The first being this adorable gift box from my parents.

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On my birthday me and James took a trip to two of my favourite places in the local area – Saltaire and Haworth. At Haworth, my favourite shop (possibly my joint favourite shop in the world along with Liberty) is Rose Apothecary. Stepping into Rose Apothecary is like stepping back in time! The shop is beautiful and so are the gorgeous things that they sell! On my birthday I spotted some adorable Christmas soaps and bath bombs, which I took one look at and said Mum would love them. Well, Mum had beaten me to it by buying me a selection for my birthday! They are absolutely gorgeous and smell amazing, as well as being packaged in the beautiful little box. I’ve fallen in love with that adorable little robin!

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My parents also got me some other beautiful gifts, including this lovely candle holder and a set of pretty floral tealights – I really don’t want to burn them! The mint colour of the candle holder matches the colour scheme of our house perfectly and looks lovely in our living/dining room.

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Now that I have left Hull, my Mum and Dad obviously wanted to get me a reminder of home so they bought me this Haunted Hull book. I love ghost stories and ghost walks so they knew I would enjoy this book detailing the supposedly haunted locations in Hull – I’m looking forward to reading it!

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My parents also chose this lovely jumper for me. I was in desperate need of some jumpers for work – trying to find something thick enough for the bus ride but not too hot for in the office is proving tricky! The colour is closer to the first photo, but you can see a close up of the pattern in the second photo.

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And my birthday wouldn’t be complete without some presents from the cat! It is a bit of a long story but shortly before I moved out of my parent’s home last June, a cat decided to move in! We advertised everywhere that we had found a cat but no one got in touch so the family gained a new addition! When the cat arrived, it was wearing a hot pink collar, so we assumed that it was female. Once it got to the point that it was answering to ‘cat,’ my Mum decided to call it Mia, but then she turned out to be a he! He was swiftly renamed ‘Emir’, Mir for short, as he had got used to the name and was answering to it. ‘Emir’ means ‘prince’ which is very fitting as he is spoiled rotten now that me and my brother aren’t at home! However, when my Mum saw this Ted Baker perfume called ‘Mia’ she couldn’t risk to get me a bottle from the cat!

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As well as the perfume, Mir got me a pack of socks that came with a black cat in a pink collar on them…just to remind me of him!

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Back on the crafty theme, my brother picked out this kit to knit a teddy bear. It has been a long time since I have done any knitting, so I am looking forward to getting stuck in and making this adorable teddy.

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My brother’s girlfriend Sophie is a crafter too! She made me this lovely set of bodyscrubs which smell amazing and leave my skin feeling so soft! The lemon and lime one is my favourite…it smells like lemon curd and smells almost good enough to eat!

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My Grandma also chose to make my birthday present, and she knitted me this lovely cardigan. It is made from wool that she got from the Orkney Islands and I love the beautiful pale blue colour. I have also included a close up of the buttons because they are so pretty and shiny!

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My auntie and uncle bought bought me this lovely bracelet featuring my birthstone, turquoise. I love my birthstone and have a lot of turquoise coloured things in my wardrobe, so this will be the perfect accessory to go with them.

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Another auntie and uncle got me these adorable little cupcake bathbombs in a tin that looks like a slice of cake! I’ve already put a couple of these to good use and I’m definitely storing some of my crafty supplies in the tin once I have used them all! I was in desperate need of some new bath goodies so I’m thrilled that I got plenty!

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Another auntie and uncle got me this Vaseline tin with three pots of Vaseline in it. I have been suffering from dry lips recently due to the air-con in the office, so I’ve taken this tub into work to store them in, as well as some of the other bits and pieces that have been building up in my drawer like hair ties and plasters. I love the vintage look of the tin and both it and the contents are proving super handy!

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Some more yummy bath goodies! For some reason I hadn’t had a visit to Lush for years, but when my great auntie and uncle bought me this form my birthday I speedily made a visit! This smells absolutely gorgeous! The Fruta box has a really strong citrus scent that matches the wonderful vibrant paper and neon ribbon! It looks too pretty to open! I haven’t had a proper rummage through this box yet, as I am using up some of my other supplies first, and saving this one for when I am in need of a treat!

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As well as the tin with the Vaseline’s, my auntie and uncle also bought me these gorgeous fluffy slipper boots! They have come in handy since it has been VERY cold here they last few months with quite a bit of snow! The floors of the downstairs of our house are all laminate, so they can be pretty chilly first thing in the morning! So when I’m at home I just live in these to keep my toes toasty!

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Finally, my friend Catherine got me these beautiful earrings. I love the design of these and they are very ‘me!’ I love the glittery centre and I have worn all three of colours loads of times already since I got them!

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So overall I had a wonderful birthday and I absolutely love all of my gifts. Alongside these I got some money and gift vouchers which have all been put to good use in the January sales! I’m really grateful for all of the presents that I received, both for my birthday and for Christmas! Thank you to everyone who made my birthday special and sorry I didn’t get round to posting this sooner! Thanks to all of my readers who have had the patience to wait out my break from blogging; I promise I won’t keep you waiting as long for my next post!


6 thoughts on “My 23rd Birthday

  1. gladeridercrafts says:

    Oh wow, what a wonderful pile of prezzies! Lucky you! I think that I especially love that Sew Useful book- what a genius idea to use hoops for storage baskets! Definitely got to try that one at some point 🙂

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thank you! Everything was so lovely! My family always pick some amazing gifts – they know me well! I’m so thrilled to be back and blogging! I have a couple more posts lined up for this week so hopefully you won’t have to wait for long! Thank you for your support 🙂 xx

  2. Ginny says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Awesome gifts! Love the Disney Cross stitch kit and will love seeing you work on that. I have missed your blog-you being away and me not blogging so much. Glad we are back in sync 🙂 I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award 🙂 Still working on my post, but it should be up soon.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Hehe thanks! It was quite a while ago now but I can pretend 😉 I should have got the post up much sooner! The kit is beautiful! Although on hold for now as I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment, hopefully I will have a post up tomorrow about what I’m working on right now! I can’t wait to start the kit though 🙂 I’ve really missed the world of blogging and I’m thrilled to be back! Thank you very much for the nomination and I look forward to visiting your blog again! Many thanks for the support 🙂 x

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