So, Cath Kidston were offering £1 postage…

and this is what happened…

Home 6



Home 5


I am actually holding this jug responsible. I saw it in the shop on Valentine’s Day in York and I fell in love with it. The jug itself is quite an unusual shape (my Mum described it as squashed?) as it is quite narrow in width. Hard to explain but TRUST ME it is adorable! I also love the design, it is part of the Painterly Rose set which is new and VERY hard to resist! Hence this also made its way into my parcel…


Home 3


This equally hard to resist set of measuring cups. Again, the Painterly Rose design tempted me…even though I have NEVER required measuring cups… Both the measuring cups and the jug are porcelain, so they are beautiful to display as well as to use! They are quite chunky in their design, which makes them surprisingly heavy, but this makes them feel sturdy so I won’t be afraid of them breaking with day to day use. I feel that the measuring cups were good value at £12, because I have found plastic ones can be anything up to £10 and you definitely get a good quality product as well as the Cath Kidston name and stunning design with these! The jug was a little pricey at £20 but definitely worth the investment.


Home 7


By the time these went in the basket I had stopped watching the total adding up and I was simply running on impulse! These measuring spoons are another component of the Painterly Rose range and again, are simply stunning. Once again, they are 100% porcelain and feel incredibly solid. I was worried about the items getting damaged in the post but they came incredibly well wrapped without a scratch! All of the items claim to be dishwasher safe, although I do feel tentative about putting them in the dishwasher because I don’t want the lovely design to fade! I may play it safe and stick to hand washing!

I actually got these items last month (time is passing so quickly!) so when pay day rolled around again this month, I ordered a couple more items to complete my set! I’m done now though…I promise… But I’m not just buying these items because they are pretty (even though that did play a BIG part in it!) I’ve actually been collecting household items for a while now because (as long as everything goes to plan) I will be moving out of my parent’s home for the first time in June! It’s exciting stuff, although we haven’t got a house lined up yet since, as we will be renting, it’s still a little early to start looking properly.

Most of the stuff that we have been buying is rather unexciting but essential kitchen stuff (I’m sure you don’t want to see photos of tin openers…) but I have picked out a few of my favourite things to show you!


Home 1


Unbelievably, these beautiful tea towels were from Primark! I had £6 left on a gift voucher from Christmas, so I decided to put it to good use. The tea towel on the front uses an airmail style design for a vintage postcard…and was a bargain at £1! The other two sets are of two towels each, and were priced at £2.50 for the two towels. The cute owl set has a white one with read hearts on it underneath, and the cutlery one has a wonderful blue one with it.


Home 2


These kitchen essentials were something that I spotted in a recent Avon book and I thought they were so fun! They will clearly cheer up any kitchen! I particularly like the washing up brush and sponge, whereas the other set contains a ladle, spaghetti spoon and spatula. The base even comes apart to make it easy to wash! As you can see, we haven’t really got a colour scheme going on, just a random assortment of pretty things!


Home 4


The last things that I picked out were these beautiful pieces designed by Orla Kiely. Me and my Mum both love Orla Kiely designs, but I couldn’t resist these cute little candle lanterns! I thin kthey’ll look great wherever they go, whether that is indoors or in the garden. I also bought the plant pot using the matching design, as my little cactus is soon to need replanting again!

So this is all of the exciting home stuff I have picked up recently! I am enjoying buying household items, but not so much living out of boxes! It will all be worth it in the end!

Do you want to see the rest of the Cath Kidston stuff I have ordered? Keep your eyes out for a post next week when they arrive!

12 thoughts on “So, Cath Kidston were offering £1 postage…

  1. clhammond says:

    Your kitchen will look great when you move out! I did the same – just collected a lot of things for when I moved out and it definitely helped. Love all the Cath Kidston things – wish she did cheap postage to Australia. 🙂

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