The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products

Book 1

Author: Viola E. Sutanto
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts.
Published: February 2014
Pages: 176

When this book caught my eye, I was instantly intrigued. While I have hundreds of books on craft projects, I haven’t before seen any on packaging them. I thought that the concept seemed really interesting and it was something that I hadn’t thought about before, so I was interested in what the book could contain. When it arrived, I was thrilled to see how much was crammed into this little book, and I was surprised just how much I had to learn about packaging!

Book 2


As soon as you open the book, you are greeted with an adorable but accessible book. I love the way that the contents page is divided into three sections, which are identifiable from the tags at the top of the page. The first section, ‘Materials and how to use them’ is a section examining the different packaging resources that are available to you, and what different forms they come in that you can use. Section two, ‘Designing Your Packaging’ shows you some fun and simple ways to package your goods with the materials that you have selected from the first section. It uses some wonderful designs to inspire you to get creative with your packaging. The third section is a bundle of resources that you can use, including templates and useful information. This book follows a logical layout that enables you to progress through the book from choosing your materials to designing and developing stunning and unique packaging for your handmade gifts in an easy and leisurely way.Ā 

Book 3


Before you start the first section though, there is additional information which is invaluable to anyone taking the next step in running a craft business. This book starts off by introducing some basic branding advice to consider before designing your packaging. It is a helpful guide to working out exactly what message you want to create with your packaging and how to promote your business through your packaging. This introduction gives you a good grounding for what your brand will mean and is a useful starting point to get you thinking about professional branding.

Book 4


In the materials section, there are several sub-sections for each material. In this sub-section, it breaks down the different types of the chosen material, and the different forms that this material comes in. It shows you the different ways that the material can be used to package items, as well as a padding material. It shows you how the different materials can be adapted by various techniques such as embellishing and printing and features some tutorials to inspire you.

Book 5


The additional information on the different forms of padding material is a nice touch and shows how every element that you could ever need is covered in detail. With so many different materials covered in the book, it is possible to mix and match the resources that you use when packaging a variety of products, to create the most professional impression possible. If you’re not a craft seller, this book is still crammed with inspiring ides to help you wrap your handmade gifts or even your Christmas presents in a stunning way!

Book 7


The design section of the book is broken down into the types of items that you might be selling, such as food, plants, jewellery, glass and many more. Here you will find some inspiring ideas that will get you itching to start designing your dream packaging. There are also several case studies of professional companies and their packaging, describing the processes that they went through in designing their packaging.

Book 6


A variety of tutorials throughout the book show some simple but impressive looking projects that you can use when designing your own packaging. The tutorials feature clear step-by-step photographs and instructions that walk you through the project easily. All of the projects are easy to do but with stunning results and will get you inspired.

Book 8


The end of the book features several useful resources, including some downloadable templates for a variety of boxes and labels that you can download and print to experiment with. There is also a list of useful websites, suppliers, books, magazines and trade shows.

Book 9


Another handy feature in the resources area is the first page, which contains a list of paper weights, and a useful chart which highlights which packaging materials are suitable for which kinds of products. There is also a glossary, which explains what certain techniques the book covers mean.

Overall, this book gives an incredibly comprehensive guide to packaging, whether they are your own handmade goods to sell, gift or even just your Christmas presents. There is so much to discover in this book, whether it is new techniques or a packaging material that you never thought of using. Everything from the information to the tutorials and the case studies is a pleasure to read and will easily inspire you to consider how you present your gifts.

The Crafter’s Guide to Packaging Handmade Products is available right now and you can get your copy here: Crafter’s Guide to Packaging Handmade Products

With thanks to Search Press for the copy that they sent me for review purposes.


8 thoughts on “The Crafter’s Guide To Packaging Handmade Products

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Awesome book. I always wonder how to present diy gifts and this looks like it offers some fabulous suggestions.

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