Reviewing January Goals and Looking Forward to February

Since the end of the month is almost here, I thought it would be a good excuse to look back on what I have achieved throughout the first month of 2014. Early on in January, I set myself some targets that I wanted to achieve, and I am pretty happy to say that I managed to achieve most of them! 

The first goal that I completed was to finish the pair of beanies that were in the set that my Grandma got me for my birthday. These were a pretty quick make and I really enjoyed doing a small project for a change!

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Next I could cross off completing James’ Valentines’ Day present, but I can’t share that yet because I want to keep it a surprise! I can share the next couple of projects with you though, I completed my ‘January’ square of my Fairytale Sampler in just a few evenings, so I am on track for completing each square on time each month, although I do have some more work to do on the border as I go.

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And I completed last year’s Woodland Sampler! I managed to finish it around mid-January, which wasn’t too bad since it was almost April by the time that I started it last year! I am hoping to get this project framed if I have left enough of a border!

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There were a couple of projects that I didn’t quite manage to complete though, one of which was to finish my legwarmers. I have completed one, but not made a start on the second one yet.

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I also wanted to have 10 inches of my scarf knitted this month, as the overall scarf needs to be 72 inches, and, since I’m not the fastest of knitters, a monthly goal really helps me focus on getting it done. I was surprised how much I have enjoyed doing the knitting; the regular pattern means that it is not the most challenging of projects, but it is easy to get into the rhythm of it and I can do it when watching the TV, in the car and even on the bus! While I didn’t manage 10 inches, it has grown to 7, which is a massive improvement upon what I had at the beginning of the year!

Edit 17


So my first two goals for February will be to finish my pair of legwarmers and I am going to aim for a total length of 15 inches by the end of February, that might be more achievable! I am also hoping to start work on some crochet bunting and I want to continue being up to date with my Fairytale Sampler. I have also started the huge Cut-Thru Caravan kit that I want to stitch for my Grandparent for Christmas, so I want to make some significant progress on that.

Don’t forget that you can see my 2014 Project Gallery with all of my completed projects by opening up the sidebar on the left hand side!


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