Creative Ideas To Organize Your Home: Organization Has Never Been So Fun!

So, you might remember that I wrote my 2014 Lust List: Craft Books a few weeks ago, which was a list of some of the amazing craft books that are due out over the next few months. Well, I have been lucky enough to get my hands on some review copies of some of the titles, so that all of my readers can get a sneak preview of the books before they even hit the shops! Thanks to Cico Books for this one!

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Author: Linda Peterson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts.
Published: February 2014
Pages: 160

Since I have pledged to get myself more organised this year, I have spent a good while hunting for titles that can promise me easy organisation solutions. Most of them are along the lines of ‘self help’ guides, which look interesting, but not exactly exciting. This book offers something completely unique for crafters though, hosting a range of unique projects that you can make to help get your home more organised.

The book itself is a beautiful hardback, that looks stunning on a bookcase or makes a great gift. All of the pages are presented very clearly, with an artistic appearance, and a large amount of photos. This book covers a huge range of projects and craft forms, but they are not your typical crafts such as knitting or sewing. Instead, the projects use household items to create stunning storage solutions and organizational tips, so a lot of the projects involve working with wood, metal and paper. Although many of the techniques will be new to crafters such as myself who tend to focus on fabric and fibre crafts, they are in no way intimidating, and offer a great opportunity to try out new skills in projects that are ideal for beginners, and are relatively inexpensive, as they use day to day items.

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The book opens with an introduction, before twenty pages of detailed instructions, tools and techniques. This may seem excessive, but there is a huge range of crafts covered in the book and many of them use techniques that are not commonly used. Many of the projects use household items to create unique, re-purposed storage solutions, but this can include working with wood and metal, as well as more commonly used crafting materials, so the level of detail in the opening pages is incredibly useful when using new techniques with these resources. They are very clearly laid out and each of the projects references back to which page in the opening that you need to study to be able to use the techniques.

Edit 3

The main projects in the book are broken down into four sections; Repurposing and Recycling; Storage and Display; Simple Solutions; and Time Management. Each of these chapters is beautifully introduced with an artistic double page spread, showcasing some of the projects from within the chapter. These pages are stunning and are certainly not overlooked simply as chapter headers.

Edit 5

The projects in the book are presented in a very picture heavy format. Most of the projects have a photograph of the completed project that takes up most, if not all of one page, and each of the individual stages has a helpful photograph to illustrate the instruction. The written instructions are kept very succinct and are easy to follow. Most of the projects have very few stages, making them easy for every level of experience, but you still get amazing, professional looking outcomes. Due to the focus on pictures rather than writing, the pages look very minimalist and aren’t cluttered, helping you to follow each of the stages easily.

Edit 7

My absolute favourite project in the book is this adorable Stacked Tin Caddy, made from three hinged mint tins. I think this looks adorable and would be the ideal place to store my ribbon collection; I have even bought the mints ready to make a start on it when I have eaten them! This innovative idea of repurposing something like small tins is relatively inexpensive, easy to do but looks incredibly impressive. I can’t wait to make a start on this one!

Edit 6

Another project that I love is this Crafts-on-the-go-trunk. There are a number of small projects throughout the book, which come together in this project. I think this is a wonderful way of storing craft supplies in a way that makes them portable yet accessible. I think this would be a project that would complement the Caddy really well, and I could add it to the suitcase.

Edit 4

The final project that I have picked to share with you is this Mini Toolbox made from a wooden yardstick. I think that this is an ingenious idea to help store all sorts of items in one, convenient place. I love the turquoise coloured one, and I think it would make a great place to store all of the items used for wrapping presents such a gift tags, ribbon, string, tape and scissors. This is another very simple but very effective project that can be achieved easily.

This book is crammed full of 50 wonderful projects just like this, which can be completed quickly and easily, while revolutionizing how you organise your home, and teaching you some more skills as you go…what more could you need? I never imagined that organisation could be so fun and creative! As well as that, the book itself is beautiful and simply a pleasure to flick, even that is enough to inspire you!

You can pre-order your copy here for release next month: Creative Ideas to Organize Your Home


8 thoughts on “Creative Ideas To Organize Your Home: Organization Has Never Been So Fun!

  1. clumsykristel says:

    I both love and hate books about organization – they make me want to make all the things, but then I have to buy more stuff to make them, thus adding to the pile of things that need organizing… (My craft room is a nightmare.)

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