Craft Bargains in the January Sales

Ok, so, I may have fallen into the trap of being lured in by the promise of dramatic reductions in the January sales…aren’t we all? However, I did only mostly pick up essentials or things that are going to help me ‘craft with my stash’ as I aspire to do as part of my 23 before 23. I have managed to pick up some faantastic bargains, so lets start with my Hobbycraft haul!

Shortly after Christmas, it came to my attention that the Hobbycraft website had a great offer on Tattered Lace dies. Since I had just received a die cutter for Christmas, and I love the Tattered Lace range, I felt obliged to check it out! The deal was, if you spent over £20 on Tattered Lace Dies, you got a pack of mini dies for free. After scouring the range, I found some that I had had my eyes on for a while; a pair of owls and a reindeer snowglobe. Since it was after Christmas, the Christmas die was reduced to £10, so both of the dies came to £25, meaning that I was entitled to the free pack. However, they also had an offer, where you received a 15% off voucher if you signed up to their ‘Hobbycraft Club.’ I did this and immediately received the coupon code to my email address, saving me even more money! Here is what I spent in the end:

Tattered Lace


I also did some shopping in my local Hobbycraft store, as I had received another voucher in their Christmas catalogue, for 15% off in January. So on New Year’s Day I was working my way through the aisles to pick up some more bargains! Again, I was drawn to the die cutting section. Since my machine is new, I only have a limited range of dies to use with is, and because they are so expensive, I wanted to make the most of the while I have the discount coupon. As you all know, I am an owl lover, so I had had my eye on this other owl one, since I saw a demo of it being used for some appliqué cushions. The Brenda Walton medallions caught my eye and eventually won me over. I’m so glad that they did, because I think they will look great for wrapping handmade presents! I will do a demo in another post 🙂 These are the two that I bought:


I feel like I can justify buying the dies, because it will help me craft my way through my paper stash!

While at Hobbycraft as well as part of my online order, I collected some DMC embroidery threads. I was in need of quite a few for the projects that I am planning to work on this year, so I decided to stock up on them while I had the coupon. This lot will certainly fill some holes in my stash and keep me busy this year! I needed this because I couldn’t have done my projects without them…can’t possibly feel guilty about that!



On my way to pay in the Hobbycraft shop, I wandered down their rather sparse looking Christmas left overs aisle. There was very little left on the shelves, but I did find an adorable cross stitch kit for a fair isle heart. Ok, I know the last thing I need is more cross stitch kits, but I couldn’t resist it for only £2! There doesn’t seem an excessive amount of stitching to it, with a lot of white space on the design, so I am hoping to fit it in over the next few months! Plus, the kit isn’t of an especially Christmassy design, so I can hang it up all year round. It was the last one on the shelf and the packet was open, but, on inspection, all of the contents were there. What’s more, there is an excessive amount of thread included! My mum is hoping there is enough left over for her to stitch one too!

Cross Stitch Kit


Another craft impulse buy that I cannot fully justify is a pack of Beatrix Potter papers from The Range. In the craft section, they had a ‘dump bin’ table, of stock that was for clearance or the bin. My bundle of papers had no packet, but was wrapped up in an elastic band, possibly left over from a demo session. There was no sign of damage on them though, and the papers were clean. From flicking through the pack, all of the designs appeared to be there, just some had fewer sheets than you would expect. Because of the lack of wrapping and incomplete number of sheets, it was reduced to just £1! I think I will use some of these to decorate my Filofax.

Beatrix Potter Papers


My final craft purchase was a craft book! While I buy 99% of my books from work, I do occasionally scour online for any second hand bargains. I had had my eye on Pretty Little Presents for a while, but I didn’t know a lot about it so I didn’t want to risk ordering a copy at full price in case it wasn’t what I expected. I managed to find a second hand copy available for only £2.81 including postage though, which seemed like a bargain too good to miss!



While I did say that my post was going to be about craft bargains in the sale, I thought I would quickly show you the other bargains that I had picked up. This year I hardly got any bath products for Christmas, which makes a change! So I decided to treat myself at The Body Shop. They had some great items in the sale, and I have a Love Your Body card for there (costs £5 to get a card but saves you a fortune!) which saves me 10% on my ppurchase…on top of the sale price!!! I treated myself to a strawberry gift set as it is my favourite of their scents, as well as some gingerbread goodies from their Christmas range because he is adorable!




What is even more exciting about my Body Shop haul, was the fact that I had a coupon for £10 off if I spent over £25. That means that, with the £10 off, the sale reductions AND my 10% discount, all of these items only cost me £16.65 instead of their full retail which is worth £50! Now that’s what I call savvy sale shopping!

Have you picked up any amazing bargains in the sales?



12 thoughts on “Craft Bargains in the January Sales

  1. alexjayne says:

    Fantastic bargains – and definitely well justified 😉

    I’ve been doing some online shopping on patchwork sites (because I *clearly* need more projects) but sadly nothing so much on sale just yet. Although I did go to the shops on Boxing Day to pick up a Blu-Ray player on sale and ended up with a trolley of other things on sale, so there’s that…

  2. sylirael says:

    Ah, Body Shop Products, Beatrix Potter and DMC embroidery threads! Happiness can be made from these three ingredients 🙂 (bargains don’t hurt, either!)

  3. Ginny says:

    Wow, you found a lot of nice bargains. I have yet to venture out. With being sick and now so much snow and wind chills below -30, I have been stuck inside for too long now. I hope to find some bargains still on the shelves when I am able to dig my way out 🙂 Love the thin dies you picked up.

  4. wendy says:

    wow, the cross stitch kit for £2 was a bargain! I always check out the reduced aisles in HC and always think how little they reduce stuff by, especially as they’ll probably just throw it away if it’s not sold.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Yeah it is always really expensive! The cross stitch kits are still extortionately priced even when they are in the ‘clearance’ section! It’s really frustrating but it makes finding a little bargain like this even more rewarding!

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