Crochet Boutique: For the Next Crochet Generation

Crochet Boutique 1

Author: Rachael Oglesby
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts, Crochet.
Published: 2012
Pages: 128

Considering I am an avid crocheter, my bookcase is surprisingly sparse when it comes to crochet books. I think that part of the problem is due to the lack of books aimed at a ‘younger’ crochet audience. While many of the crochet books that I have experienced have some lovely patterns in them, many of them are for items that I wouldn’t need, or for dated clothing and accessories. Crochet Boutique is definitely not one of these books though!

I first heard of this book when I read a review of it on another blog (shamefully, I can’t remember where it was…) but just the post, I was struck by how ‘modern’ the designs were, and how fashionable they appeared. When my Mum asked me to choose some craft books for Christmas, this was one of the first ones to pop into my mind!

Crochet Boutique 2

The book contains 30 patterns, which is largely made up of hats and scarves. Each of the designs is classified as either a ‘beginner,’ ‘easy’ or ‘intermediate’ pattern, but the number of beginner ones far outnumbers the rest, making it ideal for novice crocheters. More advanced crafters shouldn’t be put off though; even the ‘beginner’ projects are beautiful and do not look like your standard basic patterns and would be very quick to work up.

Crochet Boutique 3

The introduction to the book contains a note from the author, in which she writes that her aim was to create projects that are ‘both on trend yet have a timeless quality to them.’ This really sums up the whole book, which is full of fashionable patterns that will never grow dated. There are several pages dedicated to getting you started, from choosing yarn to judging your gauge…great for first timers or handy reminders for the more advanced.

Crochet Boutique 5

My absolute favourite pattern in the book is the Triangle Fringe Scarf, which is both beautiful and striking. Rated as an ‘easy’ level project, it is not designed as a first time project, but, with a bit of practice, it is a project that anyone can do. This will certainly be the first project that I will be attempting from the book.

Crochet Boutique 4

As I mentioned, the book contains a lot of patterns for hats as well as scarves, and this is my favourite of the lot. This Slouchy Beanie pattern is classed as a ‘beginner’ project, but it looks incredibly effective. There is a wide range of hat styles in the book, including beanies, berets and even a sun hat.

Crochet Boutique 6

As well as hats and scarves, there are several other accessories covered in the book. I love these Legwarmers, which look very pretty and cosy! This is another ‘beginner’ project that looks incredibly impressive. The Laptop Sleeve and the Headwrap below are some more accessories from the book that I have fallen in love with. The Laptop Sleeve is another ‘beginner’ project, while the Headwrap is considered ‘easy’.

Crochet Boutique 7

Crochet Boutique 8

The final section of the patterns covers Home Decor, which has some adorable little projects for decorating your home. My favourite of these projects is the Lovely Little Lampshade, which is photographed below. I think it is a very unique design and it looks so cute! This is yet another ‘beginner’ project that is quick and easy for crocheters of any level.

Crochet Boutique 9

The end of the book contains all of the several pages of instructions on how to perform the stitches, both written and with diagrams, which are very easy to understand. It also has some handy charts that list stitch abbreviations, yarn weight and hook sizes and a useful conversion between US and UK stitches.

Crochet Boutique 10

The book is not only full of amazing designs, but it is also beautiful to look at. There are large photographs of the designs and the pages are not cluttered with information. All of the pages have a simple layout that clearly breaks down the instructions, making it accessible for people of all abilities.

I’m so pleased to have finally found a crochet book that I feel is really doing the craft justice. Any information you need on the basics of crochet is covered and is clear and concise. All of the designs are beautiful, yet simple and achievable for all ability levels, and, more importantly, they are timeless classics that will be loved by crocheters young and old. There are so many designs in there that I am eager to make a start on, and I know that it is a book that I will visit again and again.

Rating: 10/10

Get your  copy here!
Crochet Boutique


15 thoughts on “Crochet Boutique: For the Next Crochet Generation

  1. raychole says:

    I have this book, too! I would consider it one of the best crochet books I own (which isn’t too many, really)! The most important thing I learned from this book is to check the gauge! I made one of the hats without checking it and when I finished, it was the perfect size for a stuffed animal. Haha!

  2. mswalsh says:

    I think I might just have to order that – it sounds/looks great!

    (BTW I think the coding on your blog might have gone astray – or it could be my browser…)

  3. azurachan says:

    Crochet is something that I’m looking forward to learn this year. I hope to find one book like this so that I can leatn how to crochet. I love the leg warmers, looks so vintage. hehe.

  4. clumsykristel says:

    This sounds like a really great book. I very briefly dipped my toes into crochet’s waters, but so many of the patterns are very old-fashioned, so it’s really nice to see something updated. I don’t see myself picking up crochet again any time soon (one expensive craft is enough… :D), but it seems like a good place to start if I ever do go back to it.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I agree that it is very hard to find anything modern looking! I think I will be making every design from this book! Haha I wish I hadn’t fallen into the trap of so many expensive crafts! I hope you do get the chance to give it a go again at some point though 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  5. nataliec1603 says:

    This book looks like its definitely more up my street! I think I will have to buy it for the fringe scarf alone! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Mary childers says:

    I just bought this book and am in love with it as well but I want to make the scarf or cowl whatever it is on the cover and can’t find it in the book? I thought it was the chunky ribbed scarf but that’s totally sc and the one on the cover looks to have some dc in it as well do idk. Help?

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