Advent Calendar: Final Quarter

Here it is! The last instalment of advent calendar goodies! I can’t believe December has passed so quickly!!! I would like to say a huge thank you to James though for all of amazing presents that he has put in the calendar for me this year! I hope I can do as good a job for him next year!

Day 19: Penguin Pin


James was really surprised that I couldn’t work out what this present was when it was wrapped and now I know why…I was with him when I bought this!!! It was a long time ago though…i think it was the first advent calendar present that he bought! It was from a shop called Blot and I fell in love with this cute face! I will be able to add him to my pin collection…just as soon as have bought a bigger lanyard…

Day 20: Omnom


I love Omnom! I’m not a games person at all, but I can’t resist this adorable character out of Cut The Rope. I already have an Omnom soft toy but I was so excited to open this! My Omnom has bunny ears! And I got a special edition gold figure too although he looks slightly creepy…

Day 21: Yankee Candle


This year I have developed a love for scented candles, and I have built up quite a collection ready to burn! I love really sweet smelling ones, so most of them have ‘cupcake’ or ‘cookie’ in the title and this one is no exception! My ‘Snowflake Cookie’ candle smells amazing…it will be a shame to burn it! And it is pink! Even better 🙂

Day 22: Washi tape


More pretty washi tape! I really do have a pretty extensive collection now…I think I need to find some washi projects! These four rolls are so cute! I love the black one with the animals…well…I love all of them! I can’t wait to start using them!

Day 23: Mushroom Erasers


Ok so, this present was one that I picked so I knew that it was coming! I thought it was really cute though! Since I’m such a fan of stationery, I couldn’t resist this little kawaii cutie! I’m very happy to finally have him!

Day 24: Terry’s Chocolate Orange


It’s definitely not Christmas without a chocolate orange! Every year I used to get one as my present from the cat (does anyone else do this or is it just us???) but in June this year Tabby decided that it was her time to leave us after 14 years. I’m really glad that I got one as my last present as a little reminder of her…thank you James 🙂

My Mum and Dad also do an advent calendar for me and my brother. We get chocolate coins each day but a little parcel on Christmas Eve! Here is what I opened today from them!


Owl socks! Socks is usually what I get and every year I look forward to seeing what design my mum has picked! These are definitely ideal for me, they are pink AND have owls on them! Woo!

And here is one last snap of all of my presents together…how lucky am I???


So that brings my advent calendar to an end. It has been such a great month with lots of lovely goodies! I can’t believe it has gone so fast! I hope everyone has a great Christmas! I’ll leave you with some photos of the reindeer at my local garden centre and a mini Christmas cupcake made by my college…trust me, they tasted as good as they looked! I would also show you a photo of my Christmas nails if I had had chance to do them! Hopefully I will get them done after work tonight! I will be putting a photo on Instagram so follow me if you want to see them!





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