English Society Haworth Trip

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a group of students to the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth with the English Society. Along with the president, Charlotte, and assistant secretary Rob, we successfully herded 13 students around the village and museum (without loss or injury!) A pretty impressive achievement if you ask me! We had a wonderful day and pretty much missed the bad weather. Charlotte gave a tour of the village, which hasn’t changed very much since the Bronte sisters lived there. We then had dinner at the Apothecary Tea Room, where we were treated to traditional English Sunday Lunch in a Yorkshire pudding, followed by Bakewell tart, apple pie or Christmas pudding. There was a little bit of time for shopping before a talk from a volunteer at the museum (a Hull University alumni!), who told us about the lives of the Brontes. There was then time to walk around the museum or to return to the shops before the coach trip home. We had a great day and I thought I would share my souvenirs with you! I didn’t have chance to take many photos while I was there as I was the first aider, and it was tricky to take pictures while toting around the first aid box!

The majority of my shopping took place in the beautiful Rose Apothecary, which really hasn’t changed in appearance for hundreds of years! My first round of shopping was from the Paul & Joe Make-up range. I got a beautiful carousel eyeshadow in an adorable cat box, a pretty mint nail varnish and some blotting papers.


All the of Paul & Joe make-up is packaged so beautifully! It is almost too pretty to use! I already have some more items on my wishlist for my next visit that I am hoping to make in January!

I also got some Rose Apothecary items while I was there:



I loved the really soft mint bolero (which matches my nail varnish!) in the vintage style. For £29, it is definitely a luxury item, but I love it and have already had a lot of wear from it already. I am considering buying a cream or black one on my next trip…they are really thick and warm and will probably come in handy! I treated myself to the pink cotton bag too, it is going to be my new shopper but I forgot to take it when I was buying some books from work the other day! The little packet of Christmas bunting was too cute to resist! I have been inspired this year by the Girls Heart Book blog, who have found little DIY projects for the 24 days before Christmas. I think it is a great idea and I want to try something similar next year, so this bunting is going to be one on my list! The sales lady threw the bauble in for free because I had spent so much!

And finally, it wouldn’t an English Soc trip without some Bronte souvenirs! I bought myself some little mementos from the museum gift shop:



I got Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights novels on postcards! Such a great idea and very novel (no pun intended…) and I couldn’t resist the Bronte Christmas decorations…they look very pretty on my tree!

Although I didn’t take photos throughout the day, i did make one exception, and that was when Oscar the village cat paid us a visit:



This (not so) little man is rather used to the admiration of tourists…he certainly knows how to pose! He is allowed full reign of the village, entering any of the shops that he wishes and getting fed at the cafes! He even came to see us on our way from the pub doorway! No trip to Haworth is complete without being introduced to him!


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