Advent Calendar: Second Quarter

Here are the next six things that I opened in my advent calendar! I have been spoiled rotten again!

Day 7: Buttons


I have some more buttons to add to my collection! I think these are really cute! Trying to thing of the ideal project for them…

Day 8: Alice in Wonderland Notebook


I think that this little notebook is stunning! It uses typed pages of the text to create these original illustrations on the cover! I think it is really pretty and I am going to find the ideal use for it.

Day 9: DIY Christmas Decoration


I think that this penguin decoration is adorable! James is a penguin person so there are always penguin themed presents! He picked the photo for the middle and then we spent the evening colouring him in:


Ta da! He is now hanging proudly on the tree! I just need some cotton wool to stick onto the hat trimmings to make them fluffy!

Day 9: Tatty Teddy Embellishments


Eeeee I love Tatty Teddy!!! These embellishments are really cute! I think James is hinting that I am making his Valentines card…

Day 11: Owl Stickers



I love all of the stickers that they sell at Paperchase (actually, I just love ANYTHING that they sell at Paperchase!) but these stickers are adorable! I love owls and these are so cute! I don’t know what to use them on yet!

Day 12: Perry!


I have a slight addiction to Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb… This Perry even has sweets in him! Amazing!

That is everything that I have unwrapped so far! You can see my first six gifts here if you missed them.

Our Christmas trees went up this week too so out house is looking very Christmassy in time for my birthday today! Here is my tree:


Starting to feel very excited for Christmas now!!!


13 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Second Quarter

  1. loobyloucreations says:

    Wow you have been spoilt! I have just shown this to my husband and was casually like “isn’t this just the best idea!”

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Hahaha quite a few people have said that now! I won’t be popular with husbands and boyfriends! lol. I have started collecting his presents for next year though so hopefully he will be as happy with those as I am with mine! And I did buy him a Lego advent calendar this year to play with 😉 lol

      • loobyloucreations says:

        I was thinking that if you pick up little bits during the year then its not so bad but it is a great idea so thank you for sharing I think I need to do something like this for next year, Lego advent calendar amazing!!

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