Advent Calendar: First Quarter

You might remember that last year I stitched an advent calendar for James and filled it with all sorts of goodies. Well, this year, he has filled the calendar up for me! This is what it looked like last year, filled with his presents:


I thought I would share with you the gifts that he has got me, so I am going to post them in four groups of six presents to show you. Here are the first six presents that I have unwrapped:

1. Ribbons


What an adorable start to my advent calendar! I love the cute ribbons that have beautiful designs in really lovely colours…I already have a project planned for the ‘home sweet home’ one! James is always complaining that I have to many ribbons but he knows how much I love them!

2. Pen


Day two started with this cute Russian Doll pen! My mum loves Russian dolls so I am hiding this one from her before it goes missing! It’s so cute and will definitely be my ‘university pen’ next semester!

3. Buttons


I have a big jar of buttons that lives by my bed and I love tipping it out and rummaging around for the ideal button for my project! These wooden buttons have delicate floral designs on them in pastel blues and pinks…very vintage! They are lovely and I am planning on using some of them in the same project as my ribbon!

4. ATC wooden stamp


This stamp is designed for the back of card ATCs and I spotted it in Hobbycraft a while ago. James talked me out of it and now I can see why! I think it will come in very handy as I am always stuck for ideas when it comes to the back of ATCs!

5. Christmas Tree Decoration


No advent calendar is complete without something to put on the tree! I love this adorable red and white design…I can’t wait to put the tree up to hang it!

6. Kawaii Erasers



This year I fell in love with Kawaii designs and items and I love these erasers! They’re far too cute to use though! I’m just going to admire them! I’m also a big stationery collector!

Next week I’ll post the next 6 presents that I unwrap!

And if you are interested in what I got James last year, you can read his blog posts here:


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