Hull is the City of Culture 2017!

As many of you know, I was born in Hull, and I now live in a village just outside it. I go to the University of Hull and work in Waterstones in the city centre. This morning the news was announced that Hull has won the City of Culture bid 2017. The bid has played a predominant part in the city for the past few months, with a huge backing from local people. What has really come out of the bid is a sense of pride to be from Hull; and I am very proud to be from Hull right now.

To give you a sense of Hull’s culture, I recommend you watch this video which was part of the bid. I was incredibly touched by this video and the sense of pride in the city that I was in tears by the end!

As a Hullain myself, and an arts student within the city, I have spent my whole life appreciating the culture the city has to offer, and I’m thrilled that the rest of the world has the opportunity to do so too. Hull has regularly been disregarded as a city with poor statistics and has faced regular battering in the media; I think that this opportunity will give Hull the chance to show the world what it is really like; and the overwhelming support from the local community was just the first step in presenting the positivity and pride that is in the city.

Congrats Hull!


6 thoughts on “Hull is the City of Culture 2017!

  1. volandven says:

    I also live and Hull and would agree Hull suffers from a poor stereotype placed on it. Hopefully things will get better and we can show people we aren’t all like that now

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