It is the little (unexpected) things that make you smile…

On Tuesday, I got a lovely surprise in the post. You all know how much I love post, but I love it even more when I don’t know it is coming!

And what did I get?




This lovely handmade envelope was sent to me from the Philippines, by someone who kindly offered to angel a swap for me. I sent my handmade envelope back in June via a Swap-bot swap, but the person who was meant to send mine was suspended. I was gutted not to receive anything, particularly as I had put so much hard work and thought into making one for someone else. Fortunately, another swapper offered to send me hers, as she was meant to be posting hers out to the person who had been suspended. However, she was in the process of moving office and the envelope was in a box somewhere, but she promised to send it once she had unpacked.

I had completely forgotten about it until it arrive in the post! t was a wonderful surprise and I’m so grateful that she remembered after all this time!


And what is inside…



Lots of goodies!!! I’m wondering how she managed to cram them all in!

I got…



Some pretty craft string in pinks and purples…I’m now looking for a project to use these with!



Some cute tapes…she obviously knows how much I love these!



A washi tape. I think I can almost count this as Christmassy…I will certainly find a seasonal project where I can use it.



A cute teddy with a HUGE washi tape inside him!



Two little tape dispensers with deco tape in them…I’ve never seen these before but they are so cute!



A ‘study mate’ with lots of little sticky notes in it, ideal for university!



And this cute little bag which I nearly forgot about in my excitement to look at everything else.

And in the bag I found…



Two Face It lip glosses!

Such a wonderful array of goodies that are all ideal for me! I owe a huge thank you to my angel who never forgot to send it, months after he swap!

This little surprise really made my day 🙂

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