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Argh, it is coming to my attention that my blog is in danger of being neglected again! I am hoping this is only temporary while I get into the routine of my new university timetable, but the step up from undergrad to MA is more of a giant leap, so bear with my while I get my head around it!

Anyway, I thought I would do a post about all of the things I have been meaning to blog about in the last few week but I haven’t had chance! It is mainly bits and pieces that I have picked up since I got back from my holiday.

Firstly, I want to show you what James got me while I was away. When I was on holiday, he went to London to work with Microsoft at their Campus Party, and while he was there, he got me some presents! First of all, he picked up some items from the campus party for me:



He got me some pink t-shirts which are going to come in useful for layering up in winter, and I have dedicated one as a ‘workout t-shirt’. He also got me a screen cleaner (I’m always getting foundation all over my phone…) and a memory stick, which will come in handy for university.

He also made a trip to Liberty while he was there though and he certainly knows what to buy me!



He chose this lovely Rowan Easy Winter Knits book for me! It has some stunning designs in it and I immediately fell in love with the chunky scarf on the front cover…it is called ‘Marshmallow’…how cute is that??? There are loads of lovely designs inside, making it impossible to pick a favourite, but one that did catch my eye that I want to share with you is this one:



This is the ‘Heartbeat’ jumper, and not only does it look super warm and snuggly, it looks really pretty and I love the colours! Unfortunately, Rowan wool is a bit of a luxury and, right now, I am trying to save money for when I finish university, so there is no way I can justify buying it! Maybe if I get some money for my birthday I will treat myself 🙂

Finally, he made a huge detour on his was back to Hull from visiting his parents in Skegness, to go via Castleton to get me a candle that I wanted from the designer outlet there.



This is one of the enormous Yankee Candles! I love the smell of Yankee Candles because it is so strong when they burn, and this is my favourite scent of all! It is really sweet and does smell just like cake! I’m still burning my ‘Christmas Cupcake’ Yankee Candle, but once that has gone, I will make a start on this and I’m sure it will last almost a year!

When I came back from my holiday, I was feeling the ‘post-holiday-slump’ where you really don’t want to do anything, and spent all your time just wishing you were still on holiday! So, to cheer up my post holiday blues, I went out on a craft shopping trip, hunting out bargains as though I were still raiding the 50 cents bins at Michaels! I was quite impressed with what I found, and it was all pretty reasonable so it cheered up my glum mood and didn’t burn a hole in my pocket! I started off at the craft section in Dove House where I managed to find some pre-loved stamps to rehome.



Initially, I fell in love with the baby unicorn which doesn’t even look like it has been used! But I could bear to leave the big unicorn behind s I came home with both of them! And, for 50p each, they are certainly in keeping with my bargin only budget!

I then moved on to Hobbycraft, raiding their clearance bins and rummaging for reduced bargains! I managed to find another pack of stamps that I fell in love with for £1.99


Not quite as good a bargain as my $1.50 stamps from Michaels but still very cute!

Next I found another sheet of craft card that was similar to the ones that I bought from the lovely little town, Lakeland and for £1, it was easily justified!



This will eventually work its way into my holiday scrapbook when I get the photos printed to make a start on it.

Speaking of my scrapbook, my last buy was the most expensive but the most reminiscent of the holiday. It was a pack of little clear bags by the same company who produced the scrapbook that I bought:



These little bags are certainly going to go into my scrapbook to store some of the goodies that I picked up while I was away! There are three different sizes of bags, and I have five of them in total, so I didn’t feel that £2.49 was unreasonable for them, particularly as I get student discount too!

And onto the last few bits…

My friend Jackie was lucky enough to visit Yarndale this year, and, while she was there, I got a text from her with a picture of an adorable little project bag covered in campervans! She said she saw it and thought of me, so I immediately text her back and told her to pick one up for me!



It is made by Daisy Bun Boo Designs and it is a lovely little size, easy to carry around and has a handy little pocket inside. I have already put it to good use by using it to store my current knitting project:



This project was one of the first knitting projects that I ever added to my favourites on Ravelry, and it is for this simple infinity scarf (click photo for pattern link)



I really wanted to do a knitting project, as it has been ages since I last did one, but I didn’t want to face anything to complex because I already have so many projects on the go. I just wanted something that I could pick up and put down easily, and work on while I was watching the TV! This project was ideal and, even though I haven’t made much progress so far, I’m quite happy for this to be one of the projects that I can pick up and put down when I want to, without the pressure of a deadline to finish it.

Jackie brought her shopping from Yarndale along to show us at our Brownie meeting, and, one of the things that she had bought was some Drops Delight yarn. I have never seen this yarn before but I loved the colour and texture of the yarn, and when she told me it was only £2.10/ball, I knew that it was time to treat myself!



I bought myself two balls each of the turquoise/blue colour, and the pink/purple colour. I love both of these colours and I can’t wait to use them but I want to find the ideal project first. I am considering a small bag if I have enough yarn, similar to my project bag but I’m not 100% sure yet. I need to scour Ravelry to find the right project for them!

And the last bargain that I have picked up recently is this scrapbooking book from the local craft shop:



Amazingly, this book had been reduced from £16.99 to just £1! It is a book of inspiration, showing how different people interpret different themes when scrapbooking, rather than a how-to. but, since I am about to make my holiday scrapbook and I don’t have much experience in the craft, I thought that inspiration was pretty cheap at £1!

I rather enjoyed my bargain craft shopping, but, as tempting as it is, I am really cutting out unnecessary costs at the moment so this will be the last of it. Instead, I am focussing my time on completing the projects that I already have on the go or that I have already bought the supplies for (hallelujah!) and I am hoping to share a post with you shortly featuring some endless projects that I have finally finished!

5 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. Vix says:

    I love the Rowan knitting book, that scarf looks so cozy! The beautiful heart jumper pattern was featured in a Simply Knitting last winter and, not only have I already made one, I’ve got yarn waiting to make another! They’re so quick and easy.
    Good luck with everything
    V x

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Ooh I didn’t realise that! I’ve never knitted a jumper before so possibly not a project I will attempt just yet but I’m glad to know it might be a manageable one! It’s so pretty 🙂 x

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