The Knit Parade: The Most Versatile Knitting Book Around!


Author: Rebecca Rymsza
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts, Knitting.
Published: September 2013
Pages: 111

I first became aware of this books a few months ago when I was scouring the internet for future craft books, and I featured it on my post, ‘5 Craft Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On…’ย I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review it, making it the first of the 5 books I have actually ‘got my hands on!’

What first attracted me to the book was its striking design and unusual concept. This book offers a range of bold, statement jumpers that are like those you see in the high street shops today, but the beauty of these ones are that they are completely customisable!

The book contains the patterns for 12 jumpers that you can knit to your own size requirements, using whatever colours that you like. These patterns can easily be adapted t get your ideal jumper to suit your own personality, and style, without having to hunt around the shops to find it! And if that wasn’t enough, the book also offers an additional 6 patterns for you to experiment with, offering almost limitless combinations.

My favourite thing about the book, particularly as a novice knitter, is the way that it presents the task of knitting a jumper. There are no long lists of complicated instructions, just large, colourful pictures and simple, easy to follow steps. The technical side of knitting the jumper is very simple, making the daunting task more welcoming and less scary. It cleverly uses simple, yet bold designs to make a striking jumper that even the most inexperienced knitter can do, rather than a series of complicated stitches. However, if you are a more experienced knitter who is up for a bit of a challenge, you can use the designs given as inspiration to create your own jumper instead!

The designs themselves are appealing to a young audience; something that I find incredibly difficult to find! So whether you are knitting for yourself, your children or your grandchildren, there is bound to be something in there that everyone will love! The designs are also easy to alter, change colour or completely redesign, so that you can use the book as a basis for creating that jumper that you desperately want but can’t find anywhere! The book also demonstrates further versatility in the photos that it uses, modelling every jumper on a female and a male model in exactly the same design and colours, showing just how many people the projects will appeal to. Even more pleasantly, they have used models of all different sizes, which is so rare to see but it is so encouraging to see what the finished project will look like on ‘realistic’ sized people, demonstrating that their designs will suit any body shape.

Some of my favourite designs include:

Are 'Friends' Electric?

Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

I think this has to be my favourite design in the book. I love the combination of the pastel blue and the cream. If I were knitting this jumper, I would probably leave out the arrow and just have the heart. I would also knit two, one in these colours and a baby pink and cream one…it has got me designing already!


Mr Moustache

This jumper has a moustache, what more could you want! This design is so fashionable right now with everything being emblazoned with moustaches! It’s so easy to make yourself one (or several!) in any colour you want!



I really love the simple star design on this jumper, which is subtle yet striking at the same time. Another jumper that would look fantastic in any colour combination that you wanted!

The hardback book is like a work of art in itself. The content is dominated by photos rather than writing, making it a pleasure to look at and flick through. Interestingly, all of the designs in the book are inspired by songs, further demonstrating what a wonderful combination of artistic mediums it incorporates.

This book has really changed the way I viewed larger knitting projects, particularly clothing, as the way they are presented makes the patterns really accessible and not intimidating. This is, by far, the most unique and inspiring knitting book that I own and now I am eager to dive in and knit myself a one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure, fashion statement jumper!

Rating: 10/10

Get your copy here!
The Knit Parade: 12 Statement Sweater Patterns, 12 Motifs to Meddle With


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