Hobbycraft on Pay Day

Anyone who loves crafts knows how dangerous it is to go craft shopping on pay day and I made that mistake yesterday! I hadn’t been to the shop for a while, mainly because I had so many projects on the go that I couldn’t risk the temptation of going and buying something else to start, but also because I had no money. When pay day came yesterday, I decided to go as I needed another thread for my Woodland Sampler. Expecting to leave with only a 79p thread was pure madness. I did buy my thread, but I also picked up this rubber stamp from the clearance section for Β£4.99:



I couldn’t resist the adorable little train of animals armed with their letters…I thought it would look lovely stamped on my envelopes as I post them out!

This adorable pink cupcake trolley caught my attention too. Last time I was delivering Avon my trolley that I carry the orders in broke so this came as a sign that I was in need of a new one!



I think my customers will love this just as much as I do!

I have also ordered some of the rubber stamps that I have had my eye on for a while. I only ordered them yesterday so nothing has arrived yet but here is what I am waiting on:



A box of wooden alphabet stamps and…



A set of 17 Alice in Wonderland stamps! I started looking for these after I had seen some handmade stationery using them so I was thrilled when I found them online! I still need to buy some acrylic blocks to mount these onto though! Both of the sets of stamps were bought from eBay.

I also forgot to show you the washi tape that I got from work the other week (work…I know!) I fell in love with it when I came across it when I was doing the stock take and I bought myself a roll. I used it for the first time this week to seal some envelopes and it just looks stunning!



My washi tape collection is getting bigger and bigger! A while ago I bought myself this cupcake one too:


I can’t remember if I have shared it with you before or not! I’m having a great time exploring new crafts and dedicating some time to my old favourites since I’m not at university! I’m making the most of my holiday! Now I just have to actually finish something!


3 thoughts on “Hobbycraft on Pay Day

  1. Ginny says:

    Looks like you had a fun time shopping. I love your cupcake trolley. It sure would make me smile seeing it wheeling up to my door πŸ™‚ Washi Tape is addicting, isn’t it? My collection has grown quite a bit. Now to start using it, LOL.

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