I’ve Graduated!

On Tuesday the sun was shining and I was up bright an early ready to graduate from Hull University!


Here I am all dressed up with my Mum and Dad!


And here I am with James πŸ™‚

I had an amazing day and all of the photos look fantastic because of the sun, although it was slightly on the warm side in my gown!

All of my family have been really generous and I have loads of lovely cards and gifts! As well as the other cards that I showed you in my previous post, these ones have also come through my door:


I also got this stunning card from Charlotte, which I can’t stop picking up and admiring!


As well as these lovely cards from James and my parents:


But not only that, I have also been showered with presents! I shared my present from one of my aunties in the post with my cards, but I got this adorable Tatty Teddy from my other auntie:


I also got some presents from my parents, including another Tatty Teddy:


An owl that Mum stitched for me:


And a stunning Folio Society edition of The Count of Monte Cristo


My Mum also made me a silver fork bracelet at her night class but she didn’t have quite enough time to finish it so next term she has to fit two turquoise stones into the fittings:


Finally, I got this dainty necklace from my grandparents which I wore on the day:


James was upset that his present hasn’t arrived yet but I told him it was worth the wait!


36 thoughts on “I’ve Graduated!

  1. Hina Tabassum Khatri says:

    Congratulations Hannah.

    I graduated in May too and have received no gifts what so ever. Reading your post I m being totally Jealous :p

    Maybe everyone is waiting for the right time as the Convocation takes place in October. So fingers crossed…

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