Keeping Busy!

In all of the excitement about London, I haven’t had chance to share the progress on my craft projects with you. I have been busy keeping up to date with Hannah’s CAL and this is what I have done so far:



Week 4 included the bobble stitches which I love but they did prove a little bit tricky! I have never done bobbles in two colours so that took some getting used to and the most difficult thing was hiding the yellow yarn in the turquoise as I was working my way along the row! I managed to do all of these rows in one day which was nice, but week 5 took me forever! As I was working the Saturday and Sunday before we went to London on the Monday, I didn’t have a lot of time to tackle the rows and, on top of all of that, I was feeling ill so I didn’t get much done! When I got back from London I persevered with the rows but I felt that the zig-zag ones took forever!  I do love the finished effect though so hopefully when we do them again I won’t mind as much. Now I’m really excited to see what Hannah has got in store for us with tomorrow’s set of instructions!

I have also been working on my Woodland Sampler in an attempt to catch up since I am still behind! Again, the trip to London slowed me down a little, but I did manage to finish April and I have made a good start on May. Luckily, May and June are only small but I haven’t stitched the box yet for July! Plus, I have some birthday presents to stitch ready for August so that might put me back a bit again. I am hoping to get May and June done this week then I will stitch my presents and crack on with July! Busy, busy busy!



Also, I have been that busy recently that I never showed you one of the Pinterest projects that I completed! My lovely friend Charlotte celebrated her birthday a while ago and I wanted to make her a birthday present! I fell in love with the idea of making this little button bowl…you can see the original pin here!



I was really happy and surprised at how well it turned out and Charlotte loved it!

So I’m still working hard at my crafts and hopefully I will have a maxi skirt to show you soon! It is still in need of hemming!

16 thoughts on “Keeping Busy!

  1. Ginny says:

    I love the way your afghan is turning out. The colors are great and the stitches are awesome! You are almost caught up with your sampler and it’s looking great. The button bowl is fantabulous! I am going to have to try that as I have thousands of buttons .

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