Plenty of Post!

Since signing up to Swap-bot and Postcrossing, my postman has really had to work hard! Here is some of my most recent post:

A postcard from Postcrossing (confusingly, it is from a sender in Germany but it is of Rome! Talk about a well travelled postcard!)


I also received my first ever handmade postcard from the USA in the QUICK Cute Animal Postcard swap #34. Sadly his nose got grazed in transit but I still love the card to pieces:


My postcard collection also had a massive boost when I received my package for the Postcard Scavenger Hunt #22. The point was to choose 6 postcards from the list of 12 to sent to a partner, and if you could find the challenge on (a whale) you sent seven. I was paired with the organiser though, who sent me one card for every category (including the challenge!) as well as an extra one, meaning that I got a generous 14 postcard in total! Here they are with the category they fulfil:

Whale (challenge) I think this is hilarious!

Whale (challenge) I think this is hilarious!

Photograph of a writer or actor

Photograph of a writer or actor

Monkey - I don't normally like monkeys but who can resist this one!

Monkey – I don’t normally like monkeys but who can resist this one!

Romance - I love the comic style image!

Romance – I love the comic style image!



Beginning with the letter 'U' - a vintage underwear ad!

Beginning with the letter ‘U’ – a vintage underwear ad!

Primarily Red

Primarily Red





Marketplace or Store

Marketplace or Store





Sender's choice (she had just returned from San Francisco!)

Sender’s choice (she had just returned from San Francisco!)

This one she added because she found it funny...I agree!

This one she added because she found it funny…I agree!

My postcard collection will continue to grow too as I am waiting for two more postcards to reach their destinations via Postcrossing so that I can receive two in return and I am also taking part in the Booklovers Postcard Swap and the Children’s Book Illustration Swap #3, which will bring even more postcards through my door!

It’s not just postcards that I have been receiving though…look at these parcels I have got too:

The first was some very yummy chocolate from the Netherlands as part of the Favourite Candies Swap…it’s safe to say none of this lasted long!



But as well as the chocolate she also made me a tea wheel and sent me some paper goodies and even a crochet book which has some adorable makes in it!



And the soiling goes on with the Kawaii Swap International…look at all of the cute goodies my partner sent me:

WP_000174 (1)

Look at this mountain of stuff! The parcel included various papers, stationery, pens, stickers and little goodies that are all adorable!

I also made my very first card ATC from the Shakespeare Series #1 Romeo and Juliet swap, then received two in return from the swap organiser! Here is what I received:

WP_000193 (1)

And, if you’re interested, here is the one that I sent:


I also signed up to a Lists and More Book Lovers Swap, where you sent lists of your favourite books and your ‘books to read’ (both of which had to be seriously shortened for the swap!) and sent those as well as some bookmarks to two partners. Here are the two parcels that I received in return:


WP_000194 (1)

One of the latest swaps that I took part in was the Ribbon Scavenger Hunt, and here are the lovely ribbons that I received:


I also took part in a Private Cross Stitch swap and my partner sent me these two lovely kits:

WP_20130621_012 (1)


And I FINALLY received the parcel from the first swap that I ever signed up to…it was coming from Alaska and took a month to get here! It was for the Hello! I’m from… Round #4 and this was what my partner sent me:


This lovely pile of goodies included postcards (one of which showing the temperature at -44F! Far too cold for me!), two magnets, a city map, some bottle caps, the front page of the local newspaper, a pen, a flag, a recipe, a letter and a bookmark!

So, that is just about everything that has arrived at my door recently! Hopefully I will be able to do weekly updates of my post that I receive so I don’t have to bombard you with massive blog posts again!


20 thoughts on “Plenty of Post!

  1. marian g says:

    The heart palpitations part is funny!! :)) Nice goodies. No better way of having a nice surprise when you find other unexpected stuff included in your package πŸ™‚

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    All those goodies are fantastic! Love the postcards and especially the favorite candies swap, how delicious.

  3. *Wisher* says:

    OMG… I love love all your wonderful postcards and post.. Great swaps you have.. I’m so happy you are having so much fun with this.. πŸ˜€

  4. Ginny says:

    Wow! You are a busy girl! Your post card collection is really growing. I LOVE, LOVE the chimp card. It is my favorite. So adorable. So glad you are having a great time with all of you swaps.

  5. Luchessa says:

    No way, there is such thing as candy swap?! That is simply genious πŸ™‚
    I love the idea of postcrossing. I think if i didnt have so many friends and family all over the world i would take part in it. Told a few collegues about it and they are happy users of that site for the pst year now πŸ™‚

    Great swaps & cards dear.

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