Postcrossing and my Postcard Collection

I have never been a big collector, but Postcrossing and Swap-bot have got me working on a postcard collection!

Postcrossing works in a unique way. You request to send a postcard, and when your partner receives your postcard, your address is then given to someone who requests an address to send a postcard, and you receive a postcard from a surprise location in the world. It is really exciting finding postcards on the doormat from unexpected locations!

So far, I have received these two postcards:


This one is a wonderful native American image from Seattle. It travelled 7,538km in 9 days!


This came from Winnipeg, Canada. It travelled 6,150km in 16 days.

And I have sent this one to Ukraine that has been received:


It took 24 days to travel 1,711km! It takes forever to travel across Europe!

And I have this one travelling 1,973km to Russia:


The recipient of this one loves boats so I sent her a postcard of the Arctic Corsair. Since Hull has such a rich shipping history it would be wrong to not send one!

This one is on its way to China, travelling 7,996km!:

Postcrossing to China

The recipient of this one likes postcards of flowers or unusual paintings so I sent her a postcard of a painting of flowers that is in my local art gallery.

Postcrossing also gives you the option to do direct swaps. This is when you contact a member directly and arrange a swap between you. I was contacted by a member from Turkey, who wanted to arrange a direct swap. He sent me this postcard of his town clock tower:


and in return I sent this postcard of my university:


I have also taken part in some postcard swaps on Swap-bot. I have taken part in the Envelope with 5 Wonderful New Cards and I received these from Victoria in Ukraine:







As you can see, I was sent six instead of five! I love the blue one and the Eiffel Tower one! Victoria noticed that I liked cross stitch on my profile so she set up a private cross stitch kit swap between us. I am still waiting for it to arrive in the post.

I also took part in the 5 Non-Toursity Postcard Swap and received these from Vronica from Netherlands:






I love the cat and the penguins!

These are all of the postcards that I have received so far. I even went and bought a special album to keep them all in:


I love the world landmarks on it and I thought it would be ideal for all of my postcard and letters that I get from my swaps!

I have also picked up some postcards that I have picked myself to add to my collection but I will share these in a later post.

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11 thoughts on “Postcrossing and my Postcard Collection

  1. Ginny says:

    What a nice collection you have going there. The post cards are lovely and I’ll bet you are having fun sending and receiving. The album is perfect to store you collection in.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It is great fun to come home and find them waiting for me…especially as I don’t know where they will be coming from! I’m thrilled with the album! It was reduced because it was ‘damaged’ (not noticeably at all) and I have a 20% off voucher so it only cost me £5 instead of £20!

  2. agustina says:

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia. I collect university postcard do you still have it? If you want to swap, please contact me via email. Thanks a lot.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Hello. Sorry for the late reply, I just moved recently and it has taken a while to get the internet up and running and back into blogging. I can have a look if I have any of the university postcards left if you like and are still interested!

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