22 Before 22: 6 Month Review

It is exactly 6 months since/to my birthday! But that means that it is also 6 months since I started my 22 before 22 and only 6 months left for me to complete it!

I thought I would review it to see what progress I have made!

My 22 before 22:

1. Buy a lottery ticket done!

2. Sort my laptop – this one is in process. I did make a start at ‘sorting’ my laptop, but it quickly became apparent that replacing my laptop was the only way forward. So I am sat typing this on my shiny new toy! I just have to transfer my music from my old one and sort out my internet bookmarks then my new laptop will officially be ‘sorted’ πŸ™‚

3. Go somewhere new – still nothing to report on this one…

4. Crochet my winter wardrobe – again, not even made a start on this!

5. Bake ten new recipes (8) – I can’t believe how close I am with this one! University put a stop to my regular baking but after one more session I will have another crossed off the list! I’m hoping to squeeze it in in the next few weeks…

6. Make a dress – I have the pattern, fabric, zip and thread, I just have to do the cutting and sewing. I will dedicate a day to all of this shortly.

7. Have a handmade Christmas – I’ve done bits and pieces for this one. I have plenty of presents planned, several decorations in mind and a couple of cards ready to go…I just have to make a start on it all now!

8. Finish my novel – Nothing to report here,Β it is still sat patiently awaiting editing…

9. Read 20 books of my choice (1) – So far I have managed to read one (More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops) now that university is over for the summer though, I am hoping to fit plenty more in.

10. Have my eyebrows threaded done! (several times now!)

11. Update my portfolio – not made a start yet but I’m hoping to fit it in this summer…

12. Learn 5 easy hairstyles (1) – only one to report, this might take up another day of my summer holidays!

13. Go to the Globe – I will be there in a week and a half! Eek!

14. Enter 3 writing competitions – I need to get a wriggle on with this one as the writing season is in full swing and I don’t want to miss it! I have managed to track down lots of competitions so it is now simply a case of writing something…

15. Complete 7 cross stitch kits (2) – only two done so far. While I have completed lots of cross stitch projects recently, none of them have been kits from my stash. I am hoping to finish a father’s day card this week ready for Sunday though, which will count as my third, and then I can get on with my Vintage cross stitch, which has been neglected for months!

16. Learn Tunisian crochet – not made a start yet again…I need to pick a project!

17. Make a junk journal – I started gathering bits and pieces for this but it hasn’t got any further than that…

18. Never miss an opportunity done!

19. Learn to knit in a circle done!

20. Complete 10 Pinterest/Ravelry projects (5) – half way there! Not too bad πŸ™‚

21. Finish 3 WIPs – I have started cutting and sewing squares again for one of my blankets but I haven’t got any further than that.

22. Sell a handmade item done!

So that is 5 currently checked off my list! I was hoping to be nearer half way by this point, but now that university is over I am hoping to storm through a few. I am aiming to complete 2, 5, 6 and 13 in the next month, and possibly 11 too if I get chance, so that will get me nearer the half way mark! Then I can dedicate the rest of my summer working towards the rest πŸ™‚


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6 thoughts on “22 Before 22: 6 Month Review

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Good luck with the rest. That’s a lot to accomplish in a year and you’ve already made great progress

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thank you πŸ˜€ Haha well I’m starting to think that I won’t get through all of them but as long as I get a few crossed off the rest can roll over to next year πŸ™‚

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