Not Your Average Crochet CAL

A while ago I showed you the yarn that I had started collecting for Hannah from Not Your Average Crochet‘s CAL. At the beginning of June we finally made a start on our stripy blankets and so far I have been storming through the rows!

At the end of the first week, I had completed the first rows:



These rows were really quick to do and, even fitting them round a busy schedule, I still completed them in two days.

A week later I was itching to get started on the next few rows and I spent several hours refreshing the page to see if the instructions had appeared! When they did, I got to start straight away and I completed the next 8 rows in one evening after work!

This is what I have now:



Even Tabby was eager to work on these rows…I came home from work to find her so tangled in my yarn that she couldn’t even stand up as she had managed to tie her legs together! Thankfully she was fine and nothing had come unravelled!

I am thoroughly enjoying taking part in the CAL and as soon as the weekend arrives I am eager to find out what the next few rows will look like! If you want to join the CAL you still have time…these rows are super quick and you will be able to catch up in no time! Here are the links for anyone who wants to join:

CAL week 1

CAL week 2


20 thoughts on “Not Your Average Crochet CAL

  1. Ginny says:

    Your blanket is looking awesome. Wish I could have joined in on this one, but just don’t think I can fit it in. Besides, my crochet skills are not great at all and I think I would have been more frustrated with everything else going on. I will enjoy watching your progress on this.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I love Hannah’s pattern so far! I think Hannah is planning on compiling the instructions at the end of the CAL so if you don’t get chance to join in now you could always safe it for a later date 🙂 I shall try and keep everyone updated with my progress regularly 😀

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thank you…it is certainly a very girly blanket in the colours that I have chosen! I am having a great time taking part though 😀 I agree, every Saturday I’m constantly refreshing my screen until it appears hehe!

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