Celebrating National Stationery Week With the Paperchase Sale!

I started this week with a post about The Green Gables stationery and I didn’t even realise that it was national stationery week! Well, since then I have come to realise that it is and I have extra reason to celebrate! Last weekend I went to Paperchase (two different shops actually) and I got some amazing bargains which I might as well share with you! It is National Stationery Week after all!

The first Paperchase shop that I went to was in Meadowhall as James had won a voucher for the Schuh shop there (don’t ask him how, he can’t even remember entering a competition…) and while we were there I stole an opportunity to browse Paperchase. I really love the Paperchase range as it is really unique and most of the items are reasonably priced…but a girl never says no to a sale! On the front table as we walked in I noticed a box of cards and postcards at reduced prices and I pounced on it right away! I rummaged right through the box and nothing caught my eye, but as I stepped back I saw another box under the table so I had a nosey in that one too and it proved worth my while!

The card that made me notice the second box hidden away was this one:

WP_000095 (1)

The bright yellow is what caught my attention but once I say the little owl on it I knew that I had to dig deeper! The umbrella is 3D on the card and for the amazing price of £1.25, I knew that it would be a lovely addition to my card box for future use in my #PostCircle.

The next card that I found stood out simply because it is so unique!

WP_000093 (1)

My brother is currently doing his A-level exams with the hope of going to university in September. I have never seen a good luck card specifically for people going to university, so I thought it would be a great one for me and my parents to send with him when he goes away!

On my way to the counter to pay I discovered yet another box of cards! I was that speedy at glancing through this one that James didn’t even notice my last addition to my collection until it was going through the till!

WP_000094 (1)

I thought this card was really pretty and cheerful and I think it would be a great card to send as an introduction to one of the members in my #PostCircle. Speaking of the post circle, I sent out my first letter to Zoe and she wrote a blog about it, which you can read here!

After our shopping trip to Meadowhall, I needed to call at Boyes in Beverley on the way home so I had a look in their Paperchase shop too…I’m so glad I did! Ever since I saw the adorable Buttonbag Craft Kits over a year ago in Salt’s Mill, I have had my eye on the owl one…guess what was half price in Paperchase…

WP_000096 (1)

Yeeey! This definitely made my day! I am aware that these are designed for kids but they look so cute! I’m still young at heart :’) The kit contains everything you need to make these three adorable owls and the box is crammed full of crafting goodies:

WP_000097 (1)

And…once you have finished making the owls, the box turns into a house for them! (simple pleasures…)

WP_000098 (1)

I am really eager to start making these but I am currently mid-way through a sewing project that I want to get finished first. Hopefully I will have time to get some sewing done next week then I can share that one with you too!


8 thoughts on “Celebrating National Stationery Week With the Paperchase Sale!

  1. Donah D. says:

    Hi Hannah! Love the cards! That telephone one is just cute. I used to have tons of stationary collection back in high school – even scented ones hahah since I loved to write to my friends across the city and stuff – good ol times, right? These days I see handmade cards like these ones, and I actually much prefer them that the ones that are mass produced, if you know what I mean. x

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thanks D! Yeah the cards are lovely 🙂 The telephone is on its way to a new home right now! Haha yes it seems that I am building up a collection again…I’m sure they will all be on their way soon though! Handmade ones definitely win, it is always nice to send something that someone has put so much thought and care into 🙂 x

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