5 Craft Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On…

Every once in a while I like to have a nosey at what books will be coming out in the near future, particularly craft books. It is often hard to get a taste of a craft book without being able to look inside it at the photos and projects but the other day I came across five title that, just from their synopsis, really stood out for me and have worked their way onto my wishlist! Since there are so many craft bloggers out there who read my blog, I thought I would share them with you! I have listed them in date order (newest releases first) but the dates are only the suggested UK publication date so bear in mind that they may be subject to change!

1. Sew and Stitch Embroidery is by the owner and designer of Penguin and Fish, a company specialising in adorable stitched and sewing projects.



That massive cushion sold this whole book to me! I can’t resist these cute designs! I am still perfecting my embroidery skills but what a great way to practise! I cannot wait to try these adorable projects! This one is due out on the 31st May 2013.

2. The second book that caught my eye was Hoop-La!: 100 Things to do with Embroidery Hoops by Kirsty Neale.


While I use my hoop for practical reasons when I am stitching, I have not used it in a decorative way and I am eager to give it a go! This craft book really caught my eye as it is (as far as I know) one of a kind in the world of craft books. It gives the obvious ideas of using fabric to decorate but it also has more unusual ideas such as using them to create key racks or pin boards and covers every medium from the regular embroidery and patchwork to crochet and papercrafts…so many options! I really can’t wait to see what this book has to offer when it is released. The current publication date is listed as 30th August 2013 so a bit of a wait yet unfortunately!

3. The Knit Parade is a knitting book like no other! At first, I wasn’t sure on this one because of the bright and bold colours and designs, but that is what this whole book is about…flexibility!



The best way I can describe this book to you is to give you the description that I read, because it really sums it up in the best way;

“This new book from the creative team behind wheres me jumper contains twelve original knitting patterns for motif jumpers. Each jumper takes its inspiration from one of the author’s favourite songs. There is a different look to suit everyone, whatever your musical and fashion tastes. But this is no ordinary knitting book. The emphasis here is on creativity and breaking the rules. Choose your own colours and your own yarn. Make a sweater that suits you. In Patterns to Play With, there are six graphic swatches that you can adapt to design your own unique pattern. Who says spots don’t go with stripes? Or that red and green should never be seen? Definitely not us. Once you’ve chosen your pattern, it doesn’t have to end there. You can customize and embellish your sweater in any way you can think of. And if you don’t want to make a sweater – don’t! Learn how to transfer the motifs to something smaller, like a cushion, or a hot water bottle cover or a scarf or a skirt. So get your knits out and stand out from the crowd!” Source

While I love crafting, I still haven’t got any experience in producing my own creations, so this book looks like the ideal place for inspiration and tips on how to do so! I love the unusual take this book has on knitting and I would love to try and knit myself a jumper using the patterns. This one will be available from 5th September 2013.

4. I am always drawn to Scandinavian crafts, knits in particular as they always look lovely, and I have been longing to try making some for ages!



Mia Underwood has learnt many of the crafts in this book from her Danish Grandmother, making them completely authentic Scandinavian crafts. 35 projects allow you to bring some Scandinavian charm to your home and wardrobe, but with a modern twist. What I am most excited about though is the inclusion of Christmas decorations…nothing says Christmas better than a traditional handmade Scandinavian decoration! This one isn’t available until 12th Septermber 2013 but that still gives you plenty of time to get busy making Christmas goodies!

5. After falling in love with Mandy Shaw’s Stitch At Home, I was thrilled to see that she has another treat in store for us!



To be honest, this book won me over at the bunting…isn’t is adorable!? There just isn’t enough bunting in my life at the moment! (I promise I will resolve this issue!) This book will have you prepared for every occasion from birthdays and Christmas to weddings and births – you will never miss an event again! There is a bit of a wait for this one though, it isn’t available until 27th September 2013.

So these are waiting on my craft wishlist but do you have anything on yours?


13 thoughts on “5 Craft Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On…

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha yes I think it’s very easy to get lost in a craft book! I am one of those people who can pick up any book (fiction/non-fiction of any genre) and quite easily lose myself in it but craft books have the added bonus of lovely pictures that make you go ‘oooh’…I am constantly walking round with one in my hands just to look at!

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