The Green Gables Eco Stationery

Yesterday I showed you a taster of what arrived through my letter box on Friday, but in yesterdays I did promise that I would reveal what was in the final parcel today:


Before I show you what was inside the parcel, I will tell you a little bit about why I bought it. I have already shared with you on several occasions that I absolutely love receiving post…there is nothing quite like receiving a surprise through the letter box, whether it is a parcel of goodies or simply a lovely letter. A fellow blogger who shares my love of post is Claire at and she was the person who introduced me to Miss Beatrix’s #PostCircle. The idea of the post circle is that you will be put into a group of 6, who will then send post to each other. Every time you receive post from one of the members of the group, you pass on something to someone else in the group to keep the circle moving! I love the concept and it is another great excuse to get some exciting post! Obviously, I signed up the minute I heard about it! Last night I found out who was in my post circle group so now I’m all set to get started!

Obviously though, to take part in the post circle, I need something exciting to send…and this is where my parcel comes in! I was hunting through Google for some pretty stationery, and that was when I encountered The Green Gables. The Green Gables is a British company who produces eco-friendly stationery, featuring illustrations drawn by Gabrielle Treanor.

As soon as I had had a look around the website, I instantly wanted to add so much to my basket! There are so many lovely items in the shop, but these are the ones that I treated myself to this time:

A beautifully wrapped bundle...

A beautifully wrapped bundle…

A 'Happy Camper' card

A ‘Happy Camper’ card

This adorable greetings card is about 12x12cm and I love the little VW design…we know how much I love them! The simple design of the card makes it ideal for anyone, which makes it a great choice for my post circle as I don’t yet know where this little card will be going. It comes in a choice of four colours (I chose the blue one) for £2.50 each or a pack of all four colours for £9. You can get your own Happy Camper card here!

But I couldn’t stop there, I also treated myself to these:

WP_000084 (1)

This is a pack of six vintage postcards that I got for the bargain price of £3.50! You can buy these as a mixed pack like I did, or buy a pack of six of the same design in different colours…whatever suits you! I fell in love with all of the designs though and I couldn’t cut it down to one choice! The postcards also come with envelopes which are made from beautiful, recycled paper. As it was tricky to photograph all of the designs in one photo, here are some close up images of the designs. If you click on the image, it will take you to the bundle of postcards that matches the design.

Smile Please

Smile, Please

Stitch it

Stitch it





Time for a brew

Time for a brew

Travel light

Travel light

I was incredibly pleased with the service; I placed my order with The Green Gables just before 3.30 on Thursday, I got a shipment confirmation email only an hour later and the next morning it arrived in the post! Not only that, but Gabrielle took the time to read the message that I left with my order, saying that I was going to use my purchases in the Post Circle and she sent this lovely postcard with the order:

WP_000082 (1)

WP_000083 (1)

It is lovely to see that personal touch that you only get with independent businesses…it is clear to see that Gabrielle is obviously very passionate about her business and her customers.

So after this first purchase, I’m already planning what I will be buying on my second visit! I absolutely love these stationery sets that are available for £10 each (click on the image to be taken to the product):



These sets include a large A5 notebook, a pocket-sized A6 notebook and the set of six matching postcards and envelopes.

The other thing that I have my eye on is the stationery subscription box, which is a mystery box of stationery sent to you once a month, depending on how long your subscription is. You can find all of the information about the subscription box here.

But this is only a fraction of what The Green Gables has to offer, so do go and see everything they have available!

Yesterday I also read Pretty Little Things in a Box’s blog about swap sites that she had signed up to. While I have taken part in a few craft swaps before, I haven’t done any other swaps so it I was intrigued to look into the sites that she had signed up to. I have now joined Swap-Bot and Post Crossing and I am hunting down more swaps to join so I get even more post…it is a good job I have stocked up on post cards!

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14 thoughts on “The Green Gables Eco Stationery

  1. *Wisher* says:

    Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for showing the 3rd package.. very artistic cards.
    and glad to see you are on swap-bot and post-crossing too… Happy swapping.. is going to be additive.. heehee.. =)

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