A trip to the farm shop

Just a few minutes walk from my house is a farm shop which me and my mum love a trip to when we get chance. When I was in 6th form, me and my mum managed quite a few trips out to various places, including shopping trips into Hull or Beverley, but since I have been busy with university work, we haven’t managed to fit in very many trips. Luckily, after I handed in an essay on Tuesday, there is a bit of a gap until my next essay so we decided to take advantage of the lull in my work to have a trip out again.

Southwood Garden Centre and Farm Shop is only a ten minute walk from my house and, since the weather had been nice, we planned a trip for Wednesday…when the weather wasn’t so nice. It was still warm but a bit miserable looking but we weren’t going to let that stop us! I like going to the farm shop and seeing all of the lovely local produce that are produced on the site. However, they also sell lovely things for the home for fantastic prices! On the trip, Mum said she would treat me to something when we were shopping, and I had seen this bird house on my last visit with James, which, for some reason, refuses to be photographed well!

WP_000034 (1)


It is actually red and matches my bedroom but it isn’t showing itself to its best advantage! It is unbelievable though that this only cost Β£1.99! After I had picked it up, I couldn’t possibly put it down, but I did also come across this lovely little owl which was just begging to be brought home! So I treated myself to this one…once again, it was only Β£1.99!

WP_000030 (1)


And to top off the trip, we had some home made cake and a milkshake in the shop’s cafe…it was nice to have a girly day out again and to have a break from university for a few hours!


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