You’re never too old for shrink plastic…

I still have the two fridge magnets I made using shrink plastic when I was about 6 at Rainbow. Although I don’t have any memories of using it outside Rainbows, I still remember absolutely loving it when I had chance to play with it!

Well, you can only imagine my excitement when it made an appearance at Brownies this week! I was far more excited than any of the girls were about what we were doing, and I spent most of the evening working on my own projects to shrink! It was easy to see how much fun I had went you saw the state of my hands…there was pen everywhere!

Here is what I made! First up…a moustache!

WP_000029 (1)

I made this after a suggestion from one of the Brownies as I had no idea what to make…I think she has good taste! All of the girls loved it and were eager to see it come out of the oven…especially as it was so tiny!

As I still had some space on my quarter of a sheet, I decided to draw something else too. My drawing skills aren’t great, but thanks to an image on Google to use as a guide, I also made this VW Camper:

WP_000027 (1)

The best thing about shrink plastic…when it is 7 times smaller than the original, you can’t see the poor drawing skills!

James has never used shrink plastic before so it looks like we will be getting some in to play with over the summer holiday…yey! I also saw a blog post about printing on shrink plastic which I can’t wait to try…now to find a working printer as ours isn’t cooperating!

I am thinking of turning the two I have made into charms for necklaces but I also want to try making keyrings and cards using shrink plastic items…I can’t wait to get started! Does anyone else share my love for shrink plastic?


10 thoughts on “You’re never too old for shrink plastic…

  1. Ginny says:

    Shrink plastic is awesome! I loved it as a kid and introduced my kids to it when they were young. I have also used it quite a bit over the years. It’s great for stamping on with rubber stamps and ink. Just sand the surface a bit and use a craft ink. Outlined stamps are great too as you can stamp the outline in black and color in with colored pencils. Fun, fun stuff. I should pull mine out of the file and create some shrink art again 🙂

  2. Becca says:

    I must have missed it first time round,but am making up for it now. Totally love it, am having great fun playing, never to old for colouring and playing

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