Happy 21st Birthday James and Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog!

Wow, where has the last week gone???

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the gap in my posting…I had several university deadlines to meet and books to read which I just had to put first and I am please to say that I finally feel on top of my workload again and there is a slight lull now before the next batch of essays so,  while I am still trying to get ahead with my work, I have time to do some fun things again (for now at least!) such as blogging and crafting 🙂

Not only have I been busy with work recently, but everything else in life seems to be occurring right now too! The first thing was James’ 21st birthday, which involved a trip to Skegness to spend the weekend with his family which was lovely and it gave us both a much needed break from work! Here are the presents that I got him!

The first present that I chose came to me as a stroke of genius shortly before Christmas, and in January it was put into action! A while ago I stumbled upon the blog of the fantastic Chipper Nelly (Fee) who makes stunning blocks from reclaimed wood. I first encountered her work when I saw her giveaway for some Alice in Wonderland blocks, which were completely amazing and I just couldn’t get them out of my head! I showed them to James and he loved them too, so I thought she may be able to help me out with a present for James to remember his 21st birthday, so I wanted to see what she could do with his favourite novel, The Secret Garden. After much plotting and discussing and designing (as well as my role…’borrowing’ James’ book to scan the images from) Fee made this for me:



Personalised message and key on the back

Personalised message and key on the back

I was so excited when the finished block arrived and I knew that James would love it as much as I did! When he opened it he was thrilled and he really appreciated all of the work that had gone into making this beautiful piece that will always be a reminder of his 21st birthday. Thank you so much Fee for turning my incredibly vague and jumbled request into this lovely gift! You can check out the Chipper Nelly shop for yourself here!

The next gift I found was on Etsy (what would we do without it!!!) which I was directed to by a blogger but I can’t remember who it was! If it was you please let me know and I will rightly credit you 🙂 Anyway, in a post just before Valentines Day mystery blogger shared a post with lovely Valentines gifts and this was one of them:


This adorable felted penguin is from Scratch Craft and it is a tiny two inches high! Since James loves penguins so much and I am catching it too, I couldn’t possibly leave him! I deemed this present the ‘cute thing that Hannah chose’ as there seem to be a few of these cute things appearing around James’ room…

My favourite thing about the penguin is hidden in this picture, so I took another one to show you…


He has tiny little feet!!! So cute :’) I love all of the things in the Scratch Craft shop…especially the owls! That graduation one will be appropriate in July so fingers crossed it might find its way to me!

For absolutely ages I had no idea what to get James for his main birthday present. As my last pay day before his birthday arrived, I knew that I really needed to find something he would love. Luckily, I was struck by another stroke of genius (they have served me well this year!) when I remembered that he said that the one thing he wanted to do while we are in London was to go on a boat on the Thames…so that’s what I got him!


This gift experience from Virgin Experience Days provided the two of us with passes for the boat tour on the Thames for a day! But, to make things a little more special, it also includes a three course meal with cocktail reception at the Hilton for us both too…that’s one less meal for us to worry about while we are there!

So I hope James had a great day and he said he loved all of his presents which came as a relief because I really didn’t know what to buy him!

But…that’s not the only birthday there has been around here!

My blog is one year old!

Sadly, I missed the actual anniversary…I knew it was coming up but with so much going on it took my by surprise! I was planning on doing something special for it but since I have been so busy with uni I haven’t had chance to even think of anything! So, what I have decided to do is to organise something when I finish university instead so there is a double reason to celebrate!

I would, however, like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, like a post or leave me a comment. When I started this blog a year ago I had no idea what a blog was or what I was meant to write about…a year later I have over 400 followers and over 32,500 views! For many blogs these numbers are tiny but for me, it has been the inspiration to keep blogging for a year. I never in a million years imagined that so many people would want to read my blog and I wouldn’t have had the will power to keep going if it wasn’t for the support I have had from all of my readers.

I would also like to say thank you to all of the fantastic friends I have made through blogging, who have all taught me so much, thoroughly inspired me and simply made writing my blog so enjoyable. I never imagined that I would make such close friendships with people all over the world by simply writing about how I spend my time. My favourite part of my day is waking up and reading everyone else’s fantastic blogs and interacting with some wonderful people that I would never have got to know if it wasn’t for blogging.

I have really enjoyed my first year of blogging and I am thoroughly looking forward to what the next one will bring! Sending my love to everyone who has been a part of it 🙂 x


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16 thoughts on “Happy 21st Birthday James and Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog!

  1. Ginny says:

    Happy Birthday, James. You made it special as all of your gifts were from the heart. And Happy Blogaversary to you, too! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and learning about you and from you. Best wishes for your blog’s future 🙂

  2. Janey says:

    Happy Birthday to your blog and to James! I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip to London, if seems like you have a lot of fun stuff planned!

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