Serious Stash-Busting!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a few small projects that have been counting towards my stash busting! The first of these was the beanie that I made to send to Cupcake Mummy as part of her drive to collect beanies for cancer patients…It is on it’s way via Airmail now! Here is the finished beanie:

WP_000002 (1)

It went a little wonky because I was stitching in a rush and I miscounted but luckily the handle of my Avon trolley is beanie shaped! I popped it on here over night to straighten it a bit but, as you can see, when it is being worn the wonky-ness isn’t visible luckily!

I have also been busy making some things for a friend of mine who asked me to crochet her two jammy dodgers and a Zingy!


This little bundle will be finding its way to her on Tuesday when we have a seminar together! And I’m glad someone wanted some jammy dodgers because that ‘biscuit’ coloured yarn doesn’t come in very handy for most projects!

I have enjoyed working on some small projects on a while…now that these are complete I will go back to working on James’ surprise Christmas present for a while until I am in need of another break! I am pretty impressed with how my stash busting is going so far though; even though I haven’t used up any whole balls yet, these small projects are certainly shrinking the ones that I have got.

In other news though, I did buy my first balls of yarn since signing up to the challenge…but in my defence, they are for a specific project! I am taking part in Not Your Average Crochet’s Crochet Along, which is set to start in June.  The last CAL that I joined was short lived on my behalf, as I was completely swamped by uni work, but this one will be starting in June, giving me four months to make a reasonable dent in the challenge, which will hopefully motivate me to keep going! (Never mind the fact that I have committed myself to working the first two weeks of June at University and the third week I will be in London…)

The project for the CAL is a blanket based on these designs:



Hannah is currently busy writing the pattern that we will be using, and we will be working on a few rows a week. I have chosen to use a palette similar to one that Hannah put together:

Blanket Cal

Hannah has chosen the Stylecraft Special DK but, at the moment, I can’t afford to buy the yarn in a bulk order, so it works out cheaper for me to collect a couple of balls of each colour as I walk passed my local craft shop. A lot of the shades are very similar with only the blues differing a bit, but I have decided to use a yellow rather than the ‘spring green’, mainly because I already have an excess of pale yellow yarn so this can double up as stash busting too!

Here is the yarn I have collected so far:

WP_000004 (1)

Although it is hard to see in the photo, the pink it similar to the ‘pomegranate’ of the palette and this is the yellow I will be using instead of the ‘spring green’. Next I will be getting the ‘turquoise’ and ‘meadow’ colours, so I am well on my way to being prepared! I am collecting two balls of each (except the yellow of which I have 4 as they are 50g balls) to make a twin sized blanket.

As I was buying the pink yarn from the craft shop I found this bargain that I just have to share with you too:

WP_000005 (1)

This lovely sampler chart was only 50p! How could I resist? Although there won’t be any babies around for a while yet, I thought the characters would look great on cards so I used that as an excuse to treat myself!

stash buster1

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13 thoughts on “Serious Stash-Busting!

  1. *Wisher* says:

    Hi Hanna..
    This is a lovely update..
    Love the 50p “steal” from the craft shop..
    and can’t wat to see your progress on the blanket.. Lovely jammy biscuits.. so so cute.. cheers

  2. Ginny says:

    I don’t know how you do it all! Love your beanie rack, lol. It turned out great. I have been thinking about participating in the crochet along, but I’m not that great of a crocheter and not sure I can fit it in, but I did pick one of the color schemes she posted on her blog-ornamental pinks. Love that color combo and if I decide to join in, those are the colors I would like to use. Ok, I have to ask…what is a jammy dodger??

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha I’m not sure how I fit it all in sometimes! Yeah I often find the CALs tricky to keep up with, I signed up to one last year but didn’t manage very much at all so I will see how this one goes! Hannah has done some great tutorials for the stitches that will be used in the blanket so they might help if you decide to join…she has really thought of everything! Haha I never thought that the jammy dodger would cause problems! It is a biscuit with jam in the middle…they are tasty!

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