Hobbycraft Fabric Sale!

Yesterday I made a trip to Hobbycraft to buy some embroidery threads for my Woodland Sampler. I’m still busy stitching away at the frames in an attempt to catch up since I started three months late and I didn’t have any of the threads I needed to fill in the designs. Writing this at James’, I haven’t got the sampler with me to photograph it, but you can see the first three blocks in it over at Finally Waking Up…who is making quicker progress than I am! If you want to join in the sampler stitch-a-long, you can join at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

Anyway, when I was at Hobbycraft buying threads for the January block, I happened to look down the fabric isle after feeling inspired to sew by The Great British Sewing Bee, and my friend Charlotte had been asking about their prices. I’m happy she did, because, when I went to check, I happened to notice that there was a sale on! They were selling the last bits of fabric they had left at reduced prices, and I got some bargains!

The first fabric I got was this really cute London Building’s print by The Henley Studio for a fantastic £3 per metre!


I only bought one metre as I didn’t have a project in mind for it but I just couldn’t resist it! I shall be digging out my craft books to find the ideal project for it as soon as I get chance!

The second fabric I got was Love designed by Amy Butler for Rowan. I bought two metres of this fabric as I am considering using this one to make a skirt, possibly the pencil skirt in The Great British Sewing Bee book!


I am eager to get sewing now so when my next essay is finished I am going to try and squeeze in a sewing session!


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5 thoughts on “Hobbycraft Fabric Sale!

      • lauramichellesmith says:

        I managed to get some Maisy fabric – the annimated mouse that children really like, and some really colourful fabric with all sorts of kids’ images on that I’m going to use to make some bedding and cotton bags for my friend who’s having a baby. Glad I’ve got a few months to go!

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