Crochet Cards!

A few weeks ago I was walking through my student union shop when some cards caught my eye. The union always has a stunning range of cards that are somewhat overpriced but, in this case, I decided that the cost was worth it!

The union is stocking a range of cards by Paper Rose called Born to Stitch, and here is the first one that I bought:


That’s right, they have crochet creatures on them! I couldn’t resist this adorable little cat! It is going to be my Mum’s birthday card!

But how could I buy just one?? I found myself drawn back (or rather, sent James back) to pick up another two that I had my eye on:


I love this cow! It is so cute! I think I have a person in mind to receive this one…I have no idea what they think of cows but hopefully they will fall in love with this one just like I did!

And then there was this one:


I have no idea who this lion will be for but I couldn’t leave him on the shelf! I did come across a blog post the other day about adding a crochet edge to cards so I might experiment on this one and keep him all for myself! It would be a great stash buster project too!

And not only can you buy these adorable cards, you can also buy the patterns to make the lovely creatures from The Birds and The Bees on Etsy! And they are a bargain at £2.70 each…I think there may be some more stash buster projects on the horizon…


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14 thoughts on “Crochet Cards!

  1. Charlotte walton says:

    Hello Hannah,
    I was recently given one of your Born to Stitch cards for my birthday, the one with the knitted grey cat and fish toy. The card is so beautiful I’m going to keep it and frame it. My question is are the knitted animals for sale and if so where can I buy them from? I really need this adorable knitted cat in my life. Thank you.

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