Ebay Win! And a few more craft books for good measure…

A little while ago I came across a beautiful knitting project on Vic’s Knits. The project was the Chablis jumper from Rowan’s knitting book, Parisian Nights. I instantly fell in love with the design and the more I looked into the Parisian Nights book, the more I knew that I wanted it! The book contains twelve stunning patterns and more than half of them I want to get started on straight away!

even though my knitting skills aren’t advanced enough to tackle the projects yet, I had a search on eBay to see if there was a second hand copy for sale – I was in luck! There was a copy listed for the bargain price of 50p but it was an auction item. I love buying items from eBay but I rarely opt to bid for things because I often forget when items end or the prices shoot up beyond what I can afford. This time though, I put a bid in for 50p and, remembering only 6 minutes before it ended, I checked the item again and put a final bid in as there were other bidders fighting for it and miraculously I won! And it was an absolute bargain at only £5.25 including postage!

And this is what dropped through my door yesterday:


What is even more exciting is that it is BRAND NEW! I spent about half an hour yesterday morning just happily browsing the lovely glossy photos.

And this is the design that first stole my heart:


I think it looks so pretty! Once I am a more confident knitter I will definitely be making it! But if that wasn’t enough, here are a couple more designs that I can’t resist:


Sorry about the reflection of the light on it! I love both of these lovely cardigans! And there are plenty more designs in the book that I can’t wait to try! I think it is time to get out my knitting needles for some practice…

And if that wasn’t enough, my weakness for craft books has kicked in again! Surprise, surprise… This is the result of a fantastic review of Sew Red on iMake.


Sew Red is produced by the same people who produced Sew Knit a few years ago, and this book is produced with the same mission in mind…for every copy that is sold a percentage of the sale goes towards women’s heart health charities…so if you are asking whether you really NEED that book, you can merely argue that you are simply doing your bit for charity and buy it without feeling any guilt!

I ordered the book simply because of the fantastic review on iMake (check it out! link below) and I knew very little about the projects inside the book but I’m so glad I bought it! There are loads of stunning projects that I can’t wait to start! Here are some of my favourites:

Sew Red

The red dress is so striking and unusual, I absolutely love the design! I also cannot resist the beautiful quilt! Who would have thought so many vibrant patterns would work well together! The necklace is also really lovely and the bicycle design on the jewellery wrap is stunning.

The book also has short bios of the designers who contributed the projects as well as stories of their experiences with heart disease and some recipes that will help keep your heart healthy. The concept of the book is fantastic and the projects are all amazing…I am spoilt for choice of what of what to work on first!

Finally, I have been able to treat myself to a craft book I have had my eye on for a while…

liberty love cover NEW


I have been um-ing and arr-ing about this one for a while but the price tag always put me off. Luckily though, I managed to find a second hand one online going cheap, plus, with my £5 gift voucher this beautiful book cost me less than £10! I am still waiting for it to arrive so I can’t tell you much about it but I know that there is one project I am eager to try:



How adorable is this quilt! I love the spools! I will definitely give this a go 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Ebay Win! And a few more craft books for good measure…

  1. Knit and Purl Garden says:

    The patterns in Parisian Nights are beautiful aren’t they? I fell in love with that book as soon as I saw it. I would SO love to get a copy of Liberty Love too 🙂 I happened to be in Liberty yesterday and took some photos of their gorgeous fabrics and wool to drool over…. 🙂

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