Stash Buster Challenge #3

On Monday I sent James out to buy some white felt as it was much easier than finding mine! This meant that yesterday I could sit down and finish my Zingy’s…in theory! I had some uni reading to do and an essay and between that and a meeting and an impromptu coffee date I din’t make as much progress as I was hoping! I did get this far though:


I have finished one of the orange ones which will be re-homed  with James’ brother Ben, who has been waiting for me to make him one for ages! The pink one is just about there, I just want to add a bow to her flame to make her a little more girly.

I was going to finish the other orange one but due to a headache yesterday evening I didn’t quite manage it. I am determined to get it finished today though! A friend has also requested a Zingy so that means another one on my list! I better get busy…

stash buster1


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16 thoughts on “Stash Buster Challenge #3

  1. Eresin says:

    They are so cute! I managed to make my first granny square on Sunday and am keen to move into some more fun projects. Can I ask where you got the pattern for those and do you think a beginner could manage them?

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