Stash Buster Challenge – Stopped in My Tracks!

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t had any time to crochet because of a sudden influx of essay deadlines, but now I have three weeks off uni, I am hoping to squeeze in some crafts around the next three essays I need to write! I kicked off the holiday in a productive manner and made some progress on my secret stitching project and yesterday I planned to complete another stash buster project by making some Zingy’s. My progress quickly came to a halt however, when I realised that my white felt for around the eyes was lost somewhere in the depths of my cupboard. After a thorough rummage, I have decided it will be quicker to simple buy another sheet of felt than to keep looking so today I am off to collect another sheet.

I have currently crocheted the three bodies, two orange and one pink for the girl version James keeps insisting that I make. I have also gone as far as possible with the pink and orange heads but I can’t crochet any further until I have added the eyes, hence the immediate need for felt. I also can’t start on the other orange head until I have completed this one.


I’m disappointed as I was hoping to have this craft crossed off the list last night but sadly it didn’t go to plan.

If you want to make your own Zingy, the pattern is available here.


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2 thoughts on “Stash Buster Challenge – Stopped in My Tracks!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I am! Luckily they won’t take too long to finish! They are nice quick makes…when you can find your supplies that is! I have sent my boyfriend to buy some felt so they should be finished tomorrow!

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