The Craft Stash is Growing!

I know I should feel guilty…but I don’t!

The last couple of weeks has seen a rather large growth in my craft stash with the addition of four new books, two fat quarters, some ribbon and some Mod Podge. Here is what I have got:


Craft books are my absolute weakness at the moment (with a love for both books and crafts there is no surprise there really…) which wouldn’t be a problem if I actually had space for them! I have two tall bookcases with 6 shelves each, one of which is full of uni books and the other is full of books that I have bought and not had time to read since I started uni! Under my bed is crammed full of proof copies and Shakespeare plays (yes there is some sort of system…) and I have a box full of children’s books in the corner of my room from judging the Waterstone’s Children’s Book prize, which leaves the craft books to be piled up in my craft cupboard. This isn’t ideal as I feel it is a shame to have them hidden away and they have a habit of falling on me when I open the door so I am still clinging onto the dream of having a craft room when I get a house of my own.

Anyway, the pile has suddenly got bigger this month for two reasons, first, I found these books cheap second hand:


Drape Drape! I have been debating buying this book for ages but it has finally won me over! While some of the trousers are too unusual for my taste and some of the tops are far too revealing unless you wore something under them, I have fallen in love with some of the dress patterns, this one in particular:


In black it makes such a sophisticated LBD that you could wear to any occasion, but I also love the striking red and, as I’m blonde, red seems to suit me so I guess I will be making two of this one! This dress is so versatile and has a completely different look depending on what colour you make it in! I currently feel that my sewing/dressmaking abilities are nowhere near what they need to be to attempt the patterns in this book but, as I already have the supplies together to make a dress and I have a few basic skirt patterns that I want to try, I’m sure with a bit of practice I will be feeling confident enough to tackle this book!

This was the second book I bought:


Sew Darn Cute had been on my wishlist for a while, even though I didn’t have a clue what was inside it…I was simply sold by the adorable front cover! Well who wouldn’t be? I noticed that it was amazingly cheap second hand online so I decided to risk it, and for less than £5, I got far more than I ever expected!

The book has 30 adorable and simple sewing projects in that all look fantastic. The projects are divided into categories, including ‘Pretties’ (fashion and accessories); ‘Totables’ (an assortment of bags and pouches); ‘Nest’ (home accessories); ‘Kid Stuff’ (children’s toys, clothes and accessories); and ‘Crafties’ (all of your crafting needs).  The book covers everything from hand embroidery and appliqué to machine stitching so you have to opportunity to turn your hand at a bit of everything. There are so many projects that look appealing in the book but my absolute favourite is this one:



It just uses left over scraps of fabric and buttons to give a ribbed tank top a makeover! As soon as I saw this I went charging to Primark to pick up two tops for £2 each ready to create some custom tees ready for my holiday! I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

I also received a £24 voucher for Waterstones after helping out at two open days for my department at university. Well, £24 of vouchers plus staff discount in my mind is the equivalent of two new craft books for free! There was no way I was going to turn down this opportunity! So I had a rummage through my wishlist and decided which two books I wanted to buy. These two have been on my list for a while now but I haven’t bought them because I haven’t had a project in them that I was eager to complete unlike other books, but as I have been after them for a while and they were a reward for my hard work I decided I should treat myself!

This was the first one:



While I haven’t done much (or indeed any?) quilting, I would love to make a quilt one day! I think it might find itself creeping onto next year’s 23 before 23 list! However, to make life easier and probably cheaper for myself, (and also because I’m rubbish at matching fabric!) I would like to use a jellyroll to create my first attempt. I was drawn to this book when I first started playing with the idea of making a quilt specifically because it focuses on quilts made from jellyrolls. The thing that sold it to me, however, was this:



Cupcake quilt!!! While this may be too adventurous for my first go, this is just one of many stunning quilt designs in this book and there are plenty for all abilities. Just flicking through this book and looking at the amazing pictures is enough to  have you drooling over the designs!

The last book that has been added to my collection is this one:



I was unsure whether to pick up this book or a different one but after several comparisons I decided on this one. It has the added bonus of having a project in that might come in handy for Christmas presents but I can’t say anything else on that at the moment… It has some nice clothes patterns too!

The next item to wind its way into my stash was a pair of fat quarters. Charlotte from Notes from a Cluttered Mind is to blame for this one as she posted a photo on Facebook of some lovely fabric that she had bought, which then meant that I had to have it too! Here is what I bought:



The owl fabric on the left is what Charlotte had bought and I knew that I had to have it too! It is called Swedish Owls and is designed by Michael Miller, but in the quest of hunting down that one I also came across the one on the right which is a Sweetwater fabric from the ‘Noteworthy’ range called ‘Sing Out Loud’ and the colour is ‘cloudy’. I absolutely adore both fabrics but I have no idea what I will do with them! The grey one will no doubt end up on one of the vests that I am making from the Sew Darn Cute book and I might also turn it into a charm square for the blanket that I’m making (I’m not surprised you have forgotten, it really has been far too long since I worked on it!) but I’m not sure what the owl one will become at all! I will have to hunt for some inspiration. I only bought a fat quarter of each fabric because I didn’t have a project in mind.

I also added some ribbon to my collection quite unexpectedly, which goes surprisingly well with the grey fabric. I showed myself up in the craft shop when I spotted this as I was commenting on how pretty their new ribbons were, as they had some with beach huts and seagulls on. I was just in the middle of saying, ‘it is a shame I have too many ribbons that need using up first’ when I interrupted myself and screamed ‘Oh my god pink camper vans!’ The woman serving me couldn’t help but bursting out laughing as I clutched the band new roll of ribbon and eagerly requested a metre, regardless of the fact I had just told her I already had plenty to use up. I have a complete weakness for VW camper vans and, as my favourite colour is pink, how could I ever resist this?



It was obviously made for me :’)

And the final addition to my stash was a bottle of Mod Podge. I have never used it before but it was recommended for a project that I have under way (which is currently top secret!) so I am looking forward to seeing if it works!

I think my poor bank account needs a break now!

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