Pinterest Love

So last week my Pinterest had a makeover to update it to the new style. While it has had some teething troubles on my account I’m sure it will smooth itself out once the kinks are ironed out. Here is what it now looks like:


The pins are much bigger and the layout is much more accessible when looking at boards and pins. In honour of the new look Pinterest and just because I love it so much (who doesn’t!) I thought I would share my favourite finds of this week with you:4d2f489ca4d5b517ad192f7dddf98af2

1. I love this big cosy blanket! Unfortunately I can’t find the link to the original post but it looks so cuddly! I HAVE to make something like this!


2. I love the idea of repurposing an old window to make a stunning feature, so pretty!


3. This cake is ideal for Easter…it looks so cute!


5. Pink Lemonade Pie…yes please!


6. This teepee is amazing! A great reading corner!


7. This link has some amazing knitting inspiration for the home and I absolutely love these blankets.


8. Who doesn’t want a crochet camper van!


9. I love this dress! I may attempt to make something similar for my 2014 ball…


10. Adorable DIY stationery decorated with washi tape!

If you like my pins then you can see more on my Pinterest Profile. Have you come across any great pins recently? Or do you have a favourite from mine? Let me know!

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