A Day Out and a Quilting Discovery!

Yesterday me and James enjoyed a day out together in York. I always love having a wander around the city centre and, on our last few visits, we have resorted to using the park and ride scheme because it is so much easier and cheaper than parking. When we were on the bus into the centre I spotted something I have somehow missed on every previous trip…the Quilt Museum! The museum is the first in Britain to be dedicated to quilt-making and it is managed by the Quilters Guild.

Obviously after I had spotted it on the bus I was eager to investigate further! After trekking back the way the bus had come, we found the building! Sadly, the admission charge was £6 each and, while not all that expensive, it was more than we (or at least I) could afford on the trip. We did, however, have a look in the gift shop! When I was there, I fell in love with this bundle of Japanese cottons:


The pack was of six 1/8  100% cottons, all of which have metallic gold elements in them. Each pack combination was unique but this one was my favourite and James treated me to it! For £11 it was certainly a bargain and it was worth missing out on touring the museum to come home with these! Here are some close-ups of the patterns, some have the flash on and some don’t, I used the photos that best demonstrated the colours.













I love the vibrant colours and designs of the fabric which is why I fell in love with it instantly and it is impossible to choose a favourite! However, the treat came with a condition, I had to find a project to use them for and I couldn’t just add them to my stash! Well, always one to rise to a challenge, as soon as we got in I got on Craftsy and I found not one but three projects for my new fabrics! Here are the three I have chosen:



I love this adorable Jelly Roll Tote and I think it would look really striking in the Japanese cottons, although I’m not sure my fabrics would look as good together as these ones do.



This Practical Project Bag is just what I need to keep all of my craft projects in order! I love the see-through design, making it easy to quickly recognise your project without having to rummage through plastic bags! I think the decoration on this bag would be a great use for one of my pieces of fabric.



These unique luggage labels are a great way of identifying your suitcase on the carousel and I really want to make one to add to my case! It would also be a great way to use up any left over bits of fabric from the other projects.

So I am hoping that my fabric will stretch far enough to make these projects or at least two of them; I might even make several of the project bags and a luggage tag…once I can buy the patterns I will download them and work out what will work best for my fabric.

Does anyone have a favourite of the three projects? Or of the fabric designs? I’d love to know which!

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10 thoughts on “A Day Out and a Quilting Discovery!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I know! I was gutted I couldn’t go in 😦 at least I know how much I need with me next time! Plus about £100 to spend in the shop then it should be fine! I’m sensing a roadtrip here…

  1. Ginny says:

    What a great find. Too bad you couldn’t visit the musuem on this trip, but you will know for the next time. Your fabby’s are so beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the pink with the butterflies. They are all gorgeous though. And all of the projects will be a perfect fit for the fabbys. I like the bag that uses all the different fabbys. The project bag with the clear bag is awesome too and would make finding a particular project a cinch and those luggage tags are pretty cool too and would make finding your luggage super simple with a one of a kind beautiful tag. Can’t wait to see which projects you end up doing.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Yes I plan to go prepared with the admission fee and plenty of spending money next time…the gift shop was tiny but I could have bought everything in it! They are stunning! The pink one was definitely one of my top three! I can’t wait to get started on them! The problem now is finding time to make a start on them!

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    York- free parking Heslington Rd as it meets the inner ring road. Quilt museum then in walking distance. Also Sainsbury and Morrisons both on Foss Islands road have free two hour parking also within walking distance. Have always meant to go the Quilt Museum but somehow not done it yet! Gorgeous fabrics!

  3. alisonb2 says:

    They are all very pretty but I think the butterfly fabric just wins for me. Great luggage labels too. Have you been to the American Museum in Bath? They have some beautiful quilts, and when we went they had ladies working new ones. Great to sit and chat while Hubby goes walk about in the other rooms!! Please you had a lovely day.

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