Craft Lust List: Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter

Strangely enough, I don’t have a massive lust list for crafts; there are a few cross stitch kits that I have my eye on but I am waiting until I have worked my way through my current stash and a few yarns have caught my eye but I am really good and only buy yarn for projects that I have planned (getting round to completing them seems to be another matter!) When the odd item catches my eye such as my embroidery frame or a new craft book, as long as it isn’t miles out of my budget I tend to treat myself to it there and then, which is probably why my lust list is pretty short.

Well, the other day an item came to my attention that (sadly) is well and truly out of my budget caught my attention; it was the Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter:

project1I have been aware of the Sizzix range for a while and i had a vague idea of what a die cutter was, and it wasn’t until I have recently started looking at some paper craft projects that I have considered buying one. When I was doing my research however, I discovered that these little machines do much more than I first thought! They can cut many things other than paper, and, what was most exciting for me was discovering that they can cut fabric and be used for quilting! It had never occurred to me that these could be used in this way but I am very intrigued by it.

While I really want to make a quilt, part of me still feels like using this to cut all of the fabric for you is “cheating”. Having never made a quilt before though, using the Big Shot cutter in this way would at least ensure that all of my fabric was at least cut right before I tried to get my head around the sewing part of it! I think I can therefore justify using this machine for my first attempt at quilting before doing it the “proper” way and cutting all of the pieces by hand. What is great is the fact that the quilting dies for the machine already have a seam allowance taken into account so you don’t have to sit and work it out!

My first thought when I heard that the machine can cut fabric was not quilting though, but to cut designs for appliqué or fabric embellishments. I think cutting these out with the machine would be really easy and allow me to add some creative designs to the patterns that I use online, making them more personal. As I haven’t been sewing long, I’m not confident to make my own designs for bags and clothes, but I would love to experiment with some fabric cuttings to personalise them.

A starter kit for the machine which includes a DVD demo and some dies was priced at £74.99 at my local Hobbycraft, which, in my mind at least, seems pretty reasonable for the use that it would get. Unfortunately, even just the £59.99 for the machine plus the 25% off voucher that I have is still beyond my budget. On top of that, the cheapest dies range between £10(in the clearance) and £20, making it a pretty expensive hobby in total! I’m not put off by the price though and I really want one of these machine! Sadly it looks as though I will have to wait until my birthday though!

Do any of you have the Sizzix Big Shot? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Or are there any other brands out there that people would recommend?
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6 thoughts on “Craft Lust List: Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I know! There is a demo of a woman making a quilt with one on YouTube and she folds the fabric so it cuts through four layers! As the die has two of the pattern on it cuts EIGHT piece in one go!!!

  1. Ginny says:

    I have had a Sizzix machine for the last 13 or so years. I have the original, heavy, clunky one and I have owned the Stampin’ Up! Big Shot since 2008. I LOVE, LOVE this machine and it sits on my desk as there is no need to put it away. I am constantly using it in my paper crafting. It can cut a variety of materials including paper, fabric, magnet sheets, chipboard, some very thin wood sheets, felt, window sheets just to name a few. It can emboss card stock using embossing folders. I’m not sure where in the world you live, but look into Stampin’ Up!. If you can find a local demonstrator, you could perhaps have a stamp party and earn the Big Shot for FREE or as a 1/2 off item. There is also a machine at the fabric stores that works the same way that the Big Shot works, but it is for quilting. It has many different cutting dies to cut your fabric into various shapes for quilting. I don’t know the name of it, but it is definitely a product out there to make quilting easier. I don’t think it would be cheating to use a die cut machine to cut out your shapes. You still have to sew them together and make a quilt out of them 🙂

      • Ginny says:

        That’s great, Hannah. Call a demonstrator and book a party for you and your friends to have some stamping fun. Let her know that you are interested in the big shot and maybe she can bring that to your party and design your party around the big shot products as well as stamping. You will love all the products 🙂

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