Stash-Buster Challenge Project – Baby Hats!

A couple of weeks ago Jackie that I do Brownies with asked me if I could make some baby hats for her friend. She had picked out a couple of patterns but was in need of someone to make them up and I offered to do it. Here are the finished results:

WP_000369The white hat was needed in newborn size and the bear one was needed in ‘bigger than newborn’ size. As I wasn’t sure how much “bigger than newborn” it needed to be, I made two hats in “slightly bigger than newborn” and “definitely bigger then newborn” to make sure that one of them was the right size!

The bear hat pattern can be found here. Here is a close up of the bear hat:



I bought the pattern for the daisy hat on Etsy, which you can access here.



Both of the hats have turned out really cute and were really quick to make since they are so tiny! What is even better was the fact that I already had all of the yarn that I needed for the hats so these have helped towards my stash buster challenge!

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