Recycled Wrapping

This Valentine’s, I wanted to do something a little different when it came to wrapping my boyfriend’s presents. Wrapping presents isn’t my strong point…I can’t just about manage a box but that is about it! Well, This year I bought my boyfriend an aftershave (in a wrap-able box) and a hoody (not so wrap-able).

I decided to start with my ability to wrap boxes. I had several shoe boxes lying around after purchasing some new winter boots and one of them was the ideal size to fit the presents in. I decided to cover the box in clippings from an old newspaper that we had lying around to make it look more appealing. As I wanted the the print to be visible rather than images, I cut out several articles or ‘in brief’ pieces without images, and cut out the columns individually from articles with photos. I then pasted them on with PVA glue in a paper mache style and this is what I ended up with:


STASH BUSTER PROJECT: The crochet ribbon is made up of individually crocheted hearts which took forever! You can find the pattern for the hearts here. I then crocheted a chain of 25 before attaching the heart and then repeated this, leaving a gap of 25 chain stitches between each heart. I’m really pleased with the final outcome of the ribbon, as I wasn’t sure whether it would come out as I imagined it but I think it makes a great finishing touch!

The print theme of the bx even matched the card that I bought (yes, sadly bought not made) him. He did love the penguin card though!


I didn’t just stop there though!

Since I can just about wrap boxes, I decided to wrap the aftershave before putting it in the box. I have wanted to try printing onto brown paper for a while now, and this was a great excuse! My boyfriend bought me a VW Beetle stamp for Christmas and I knew that this was the ideal project to trial it on. What was even better was that I was able to stick to my recycling theme because my order from Amazon was parcelled in a box with a random and unnecessary sheet of crumpled brown paper. The only purpose for said brown paper that I can come up with is that it is to stop the item in the box from sliding around as it is being transported but instead of throwing it away, I put it to good use!

The brown paper obviously comes on a reel as it was perforated in areas so I simply tore off the amount that I needed to cover the aftershave and then lightly pressed it under a tea towel. I then laid it out flat and stamped the design on it evenly spaced.


And it wouldn’t be a reliable post about recycled wrapping without recycling some old wrapping paper! My parents used some wrapping paper with VW Campervans on it for my birthday presents and I couldn’t throw it away! Well I cut out one of the campers and stuck it to a brown label with some of the washi tape that my boyfriend also got me for Christmas.


I used the washi tape to wrap the aftershave and to seal the card so that everything coordinated. And here is everything in the box together:


The drawstring bag was the first project that I completed on my sewing machine that I couldn’t share with you until now! It is the slushy Valentines present as it has hearts cut out of red card in it with love messages on.

I think all of the presents looked pretty impressive in the box together and my boyfriend appreciated the effort that I had put into the wrapping!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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11 thoughts on “Recycled Wrapping

  1. donyabooding says:

    Ohhh, these are gorgeous! I love the wrappers and the extra special touches. I haven’t experimented much of my washi tapes and rubber stamps and my wrapping abilities are next to nothing (hahaha) but the crochet hearts and the other details snazzed up your present to your bf. I myself love receiving presents and appreciate the wrappers as much as the pressie inside 😀 Lovelove the vintage van stamp and penguins, too.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thank you 😀 I agree that it is worth going to the extra effort with wrapping 🙂 I’m really happy with the hearts and they certainly used up a bit of my stash! I will probably experiment with some snowflakes for christmas ones too to use up some more! I’ll link your post about the hearts in the related articles too, I meant to do it last night and I forgot!

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