2013 Baking Challenge – February

Last month I told you that I was taking part in Stephanie Pomfrett’s Baking Challenge to help me achieve my goal of baking ten new recipes for my 22 before 22. Last month I did three bakes and I’m racing ahead in my challenge as yesterday I completed another three new recipes.

The first one was from Whoopie Pies:

Whoopie Pies


And, unsurprisingly, it was whoopie pies that we were making! These are how out Chocolate Fudge Brownie Whoopie Pies turned out:

Whoopie Pie


As you can see, we still haven’t quite got the shape of the cake right as they are too thick and rounded rather than thin and flat but I’m sure the taste matters more than the appearance… They have turned out significantly more successfully than out first attempt at Whoopie Pies which were far too bit and the icing was too thin and runny so that the tops kept sliding off. This time they were a more manageable size and they stuck together so it was definitely an improvement.

The second recipe was from Marian Keyes Saved By Cake:

Saved By Cake


The recipe was the reason that I bought the book because I was so intrigued by it…cola cake!

Cola Cake


This cake is made with ACTUAL cola! It is a strange concept but it is really fun to make. It also tastes great! There is cocoa powder in the cake so it tastes quite like chocolate cake but the cola makes it lighter. It is a difficult taste to explain but it is definitely one that everyone should try!

The final thing that we baked was ciabatta bread using my Dad’s recipe:



My Dad loves baking bread and makes it all the time but when he had to go into work unexpectedly, me and James were left in charge of baking the bread to eat with tea. It turned out surprisingly well too!

It was nice to have another baking session and I am looking forward to picking the recipes for next month!

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