Swamped in WIPs!

This week was the first week of semester two which meant back to university! The Christmas break seems to have lasted forever and, although I am ahead with my reading, my brain has not yet caught up with knuckling down with university work. This week I have found anything possible to do that can distract me from the work I have to do. Surprise, surprise, craft things were the top of my list!

For someone who doesn’t like working on more than one project at once, I have suddenly found myself with a lot on the go!

My current list of WIPs includes the paper Christmas tree:


My two cross stitch projects:



I have started cutting out my Cath Kidston felt decorations:


As well as a mystery crochet project and my contribution to #imapiece.

I also have the supplies in to sew two bags, a mystery valentines project, two mystery Christmas present, a crochet project, a pair of tights and a camera strap.

I am desperate to get the projects that I have started finished! It would also be pretty nice to get some of the other projects done too but my crafts are probably going to have to take a back seat while I work my way through my last semester as an undergraduate!
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