A New Blogger and Craft-Lover

Part of my daily routine always involves having a look through my WordPress reader. I always have a look to see what my fellow bloggers are getting up to and I love discovering new blogs. Because of this, I always comment of a first post when I spot one! I know that when I first started blogging ever view and comment was motivation for me to keep posting and to encourage me in my newΒ pursuit, so taking the time to write comments on new blogs is important to me.

A little while ago, I was scouring through the ‘crochet’ topic on the reader when I discovered Dazzlin D Crochets welcome post. I opened it up to have a read about how she discovered crochet and what plans she had for her blog, but what caught my eye was a polymer clay crochet hook that she had made and was selling in her Etsy shop.

Her shop is full of crocheted items and unique clay creations that are all adorable, but James’ love of penguins is beginning to leak into me too because I couldn’t resist this piece:


A penguin crochet hook! I commented on the post saying how adorable it was, and Deliah replied asking if I was interested in one. I explained that I lived in the UK, so she checked how much it would cost to post for me and for $15 for both the hook and postage, I knew that I couldn’t live without it! Deliah asked what size hook I needed and then set to making it, even before I could pay her (I hate having to wait for pay day to come around!) then she got it in to post as soon as I had paid her via Paypal.

The hook has three tiny penguins on it, wearing pink, blue and purple scarves whilst perching and even hanging from a candycane-coloured thread on a marbled blue background:


The hook itself is easy and comfortable to hold and work with. Even with the clay design the hook is surprisingly light.

I am absolutely thrilled to bits with my hook and I can’t wait to use it properly on a project. Do have a look at Deliah’s blog and Etsy store as there are some lovely things in there worth exploring! I want to wish her all the best with her blogging and I’m sure that I will be treating myself to some more of her lovely goodies before long…I have my eye on those penguin buttons at the moment!
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15 thoughts on “A New Blogger and Craft-Lover

  1. sew.knit.create says:

    This is such a beautiful crochet hook! It is so true what you said about being a new blogger and how comments are so motivating. Thanks for paying attention to mine! I’m on my way to check out Deliah’s blog.

  2. mswalsh says:

    That is so adorable! Originally I was going to ask how does it hold – what’s the balance like? But you’re saying that it’s grand – that is great. The handy thing is if you’re crocheting at a group there will be no mistaking your hook.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It is surprisingly comfortable to hold. It isn’t much different from a normal hook as your thumb and index finger still hold in the same place but it is a bit more comfortable for the rest of your hand to have something to hold on to; I haven’t encountered any difficulty with it πŸ™‚ Ooh yes that’s true! They’re so cute though I have the feeling that as soon as everyone saw it they’d want one too!

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