22 Before 22: Sell A Handmade Item

When I first posted my 22 before 22 list, Katherine from Pillows A-La-Mode kindly offered to help me complete my ‘sell a handmade item’ goal. I told her to keep an eye out for any objects that catch her eye and let me know what she fancies. When I posted about my first ever knitting project, the knitted headband, she commented saying that she would like one in red. I was slightly nervous about making it as it was only my second ever knitting attempt. Here is how it turned out:

WP_000212Another one of the buttons from Mrs M. came in useful!

I was actually really happy with how it turned out! After struggling my way through my headband and finally grasping what I was doing half way through, I was confident about the stitches this time round and it came out looking a lot neater!

Here is is all parcelled up ready for posting:


My Mum had some red tissue paper to spare which was perfect for wrapping it and the washi tape my boyfriend got me for Christmas finished it off perfectly!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Katherine for helping me achieve my goal and putting her faith in my knitting abilities! I am putting the money from the sale towards a light box to improve the pictures of my craft items!

In terms of my 22 before 22, I have now completed 4 items on my list. If I keep up at this rate (two a month) I will manage to complete everything on my list! Let’s see if I can keep it up!
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