An Unexpected Discovery

On Saturday my latest subscription issue of Cross Stitch Crazy dropped onto my doormat. It is always exciting when this happens, but this month was extra exciting as I discovered an advert for Cloth Magazine:

WP_000276I usually spend a long time rummaging through the craft magazine section whenever I go into a newsagents, so I can’t understand how this magazine ever passed me by! After seeing it advertised in Cross Stitch Crazy I dashed straight to the newsagents to grab it.

The advert showed one of their current articles about hosiery, and the pair of tights that convinced me to buy the magazine was this one:


The magazine shows you how to transform a pair of white tights into these stunning ones using only a fabric marker and three fabric paints along with the pattern that they provide!

As I had never heard of the magazine before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When I first read it, I saw that it was clearly organised into three sections; ‘Cloth Trends’, ‘Fashion Fixes’ and ‘Home Comforts’. ‘Cloth Trends’ features projects for upcycling or reinventing clothes. It has a page featuring DIY Blog posts and vintages items to buy, a round up of their top 5 trends, 8 upcycling projects (including a hoisery feature which includes four projects in one feature), one ‘from scratch’ project, a glimpse inside a designer’s wardrobe and a pack of patterns needed for the projects. The ‘Fashion Fixes’ is a Q&A section dedicated to answering reader’s questions. this section answers 11 questions which all solve stitching problems or offer DIY solution to fix up old items of clothing. Two of the DIY solutions are explained in detail with diagrams which you can see here:



I love the cowl neck top and transforming the lace top into a pencil skirt is fantastic! This section also features a piece about the history of paper patterns an additional upcycle article. The ‘Home Comfort section offers upcycling home solutions. It opens with a ‘Cloth Love’ section drawing on some online and store favourites like the first section, then has 5 more upcycling projects. It also looks into an interior stylist’s studio and has a ‘city guide’ feature, looking into the bargain backstreet shops of Berlin. The back of the magazine boasts a list of events and courses as well as a giveaways page and some essential stitch instructions and one more final project idea.

What I absolutely loved about this magazine was the amount of projects that it contained. It has 16 specific project features, the main one containing four upcycle projects in the one. There are then the additional ideas and projects featured in the Q&A section, which results in around 30 projects in one magazine. The other thing that I love about the magazine is that you don’t have to go out an buy all of the materials to start the projects, instead, you can use things that are already in the wardrobe or things that you could easily pick up cheaply in any charity shop.

In the current issue there is a fantastic offer to subscribe to the next 5 issues for a bargain price of £5. However, at the price of only £4.99 for a single issue you are still getting an amazing amount for your money – much more than a dedicated craft book for about a third or even a quarter of the price. All of the projects are really well explained in clear steps that make it suitable for everyone from a complete beginner to an advanced stitcher. I have signed up to the £5 subscription and I am already incredibly excited to see what comes in the next issue!


12 thoughts on “An Unexpected Discovery

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Yeah I haven’t done it before but I know that there are lots of things in my wardrobe that could do with a makeover! It would also save me having to buy new clothes for a while…anything to save me some money!

  1. Ginny says:

    Those tights are awesome! I can’t wait to see how yours come out. Since that is what caught your eye in the advertisement, I am assuming you are going to make a pair? I’ve never seen the magazine here in the states. I’ll have to look the next time I am in a Barnes & Noble.

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I love those tights! What a fantastic idea and a great way to make tights that would otherwise be unreasonably expensive to buy ready-made.

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