What I’m Wearing this Winter – Sale Savvy Shopping

I’m generally not much of a clothes shopper. As you may have already guessed, the majority of my wages tends to go on books or craft supplies which leaves very little for clothes! I’m also not a huge fan of clothes shopping. I refuse to buy anything without trying it on, which means every shopping trip ends up being the equivalent of a cardiovascular work out with the amount of effort that goes into getting dressed and undressed hundreds of times in a tiny cubicle. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy buying myself something new once in a while, but it really has to be something that grabs my attention to make me part with my pennies!

A few months ago I had a good rummage through my wardrobe and got rid a load of things that I would no longer wear or were simply past it. As I did this, I made a careful note of what was actually in my wardrobe. It came to my attention that I had plenty of t-shirts and hoodies, and a fair few jumpers although a few of them were getting ready to be replaced. I had a sufficient number of dresses but hardly any trousers and not a single skirt! I carefully drew up a list of what I needed to add to my wardrobe so I knew exactly what I was looking for, and it meant that those things that I had bought but never worn would finally get a companion to be worn with! The lack of which being the reason I hadn’t worn them in the first place.

This has solved the following shopping issues:

  • Buying something I already have loads of.
  • Not having enough of a particular item of clothing (normally things to wear on the bottom half in my case).
  • Making sure everything goes together so I no longer have unworn tops because ‘I haven’t got anything to wear with them.’

Bearing these things in mind, I stocked up my wardrobe for my return to university in September. These clothes have lasted me pretty well and almost everything in my wardrobe has had an outing now! So, as it is sale season, I thought I would stock up on a few more items that I was getting desperately in need of. Apologies now for my dodgy attempts to photograph myself in my new clothes!

The first item I treated myself to was this pair of Sketchers boots:



I actually bought these before Christmas with my birthday money on a trip to a designer outlet. I had planned on buying black boots but the grey ones were £10 cheaper as it was the last pair in the size – I’m so glad they were! At the time, I had pictured myself getting black leather boots, so I was a bit hesitant about these but they get so many compliments! The colour is fantastic because it goes with everything I’m wearing and doesn’t get lost against my black leggings like black boots would. They are fluffy inside so they keep my feet incredibly warm and are water-proof. I chose to invest in pretty expensive boots (in terms of my budget anyway) as I am hoping that they will last this winter and the next, saving me the expense of replacing them next year. I could justify buying these as I didn’t have any waterproof shoes and there was no way my Ed Hardy canvas shoes would be any good in winter! Price: reduced from £89.99 to £49.99 from Pavers.

The next item I treated myself to technically wasn’t a necessity but I had gift vouchers to spend and this caught my eye:



This adorable pink bodywarmer! I have plenty of coats which pretty much cater for all seasons and I even had a bodywarmer but I had bougth that one second hand for £12 off Ebay so I think it needed updating. I had two £15 vouchers for Fat Face, which isn’t a store that I normally shop in. When I went in their sale offered me loads of t-shirts which I didn’t need although one almost tempted me! However, my eyes were drawn straight to this. Pink is my favourite colour and I loved the shade – plus, the inside is all warm and furry! I left it on the rack though and someone took it in to the changing room which broke my heart so when she came out and put it back on the rail I made a beeline straight for it!  The fit of it is lovely and it keeps me surprisingly warm (I normally get so cold I’m bundled up in loads of layers so I never imagined that a sleeveless jacket would keep me warm enough!) And look at the fluffy hood:



This was in the sale reduced from £80 to £45. Minus £30 in vouchers only £15. Minus leaving my bank card at home so James had to pay…free! I have worn it almost every day since I bought it!

My latest buy was the green jumper above, but you can see it clearer in this picture:



I found this lovely mint green jumper reduced in Primark! Now, you know if you are buying something from Primark it is bound to be a bargain, so when it is half price you can’t complain! I find that Primark often has some gems hidden amongst the tat and this jumper has to be one of them. They only had it left in a size 14, two sizes bigger than I would normally buy but I like jumpers baggy so that didn’t put me off. I really like they way that the larger size hangs on me and it is ideal for adding layers underneath. The jumper is also nice and cosy! Price £14 reduced to £7.

I also wanted to share another Primark favourite with you, but this was one that my neighbour got me for Christmas, a chunky scarf:



This HUGE scarf is really thick and warm but also incredibly soft. I love getting wrapped up in it and the colour goes with everything!

And while we’re on the topic of winter, I realised that I have never shown you my favourite hat!


It’s a koala! This was one of the first things James bought me. I got it in September 2011 and I still refuse to replace it! I love it so much and I have people stopping me in the street asking where I got it from – Sports Direct surprisingly!

So this is what I’m wearing to keep me warm in the winter weather and they all came at bargain prices…even better!


7 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing this Winter – Sale Savvy Shopping

  1. Ginny says:

    I love all of your new items! The boots look warm and I am going to look into getting a pair for myself. I have not bought boots in forever and those are just too cute. The sweater is darling and I love, love your vest jacket. Your scarf looks soft and warm and while your Koala hat is cute and you look awesome in it, I don’t think I’ll be wearing one. I think I am too old. Although my 60 something girlfriend just bought a hello kitty hat with long, long things down the side that she can wrap around her and even put her hands in the ends. I’m not that gutsy I guess.
    Oh and I do agree that shopping is such a chore and a workout. Really have to be in the mood to do it all day and wear sensible clothing when you go :o)

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      They are lovely 🙂 Haha I was worried about wearing the koala one at first but now it feels strange without it lol. Haha that’s true! It’s almost impossible to remember to wear the right things to suit whatever you will be trying on!

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